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  1. Indeed. A line has been crossed. A shark has been jumped?
  2. Oh, I wasn't referring to my own meagre ramblings. I should have written "thread" rather than "post", apologies. 29 pages of name-calling, willy-waving and bullsh!t, all turned up to 11?
  3. I have a feeling that this post will prove to have a significance for the HPC forum far and beyond the pros and cons of buying versus renting.....
  4. So, has this thread been locked down (for whatever reason....), or has everyone just grown bored of a topic which is, perhaps, the most relevant to have been posted to an HPC site in quite some time?
  5. Thank you. Something doesn't add up there.... For context, the gross yield on the place I rent is almost 3 times that, with huge demand (places in the same block suffer next to no voids). Which makes buying for cash the soundest option (if only I could get an offer accepted....).
  6. Having heard it all over 80 times, as someone whose rental circumstances are almost the diametric opposite of this Hulking Shangri- La, I would be interested to see Rightmove (or similar) links to £400k properties available for sub £1k per month..,.
  7. I agree with Aussieboy - if you can secure this place for me for $1m, I'll move back, leverage myself to the hilt and move in - I'll even pay you for your trouble.... http://www.domain.com.au/Property/For-Rent/House/NSW/Manly/?adid=6125502
  8. ****** me, you didn't learn very well... Must every thread on this forum now turn into a techie *****-fest?
  9. I popped into my local branch the other day. The large selection of pick'n'mix sweets seemed a little strange. The shy young lady attempting to spruik legal services from a corner desk seemed very strange indeed.
  10. Hawks Nest. The demographics would be very similar to those you quote for Hervey Bay, I suspect, with property prices driven to ridiculous levels from the mid 90s until the crash around 2008 by retirees cashing in their piles in Sydney. Again similar to your Hervey Bay example, local agents have sold next to nothing over $300k for years, making the 7 figure hopes of my relative seem rather ambitious, in hindsight. To give some context, however (and an idea of the madness that prevailed just a few years ago), a number of neighbouring half-size blocks all sold for over a million dollars in 2006/
  11. Ditto a coveted location on the NSW Mid-North Coast. 2 and a half years to sell at over 50% discount to the 2007 valuation.
  12. Poor old Ron Paul, can't even get a mention on this thread.....
  13. I've posted this before, but still. Tesco before Christmas: Asahi beer, 500ml bottle, £1.66. SPECIAL OFFER - 3 for £5.00 Retards.
  14. I rent just up the road from that property - if you really must live in the chav-infested hell-hole that is Basingstoke, 70s dumping ground for those deemed too ugly to live in London and their many progeny, Cliddesden Road and the streets off it are probably the safest bet, especially the end you are looking at, as it's cut off (physically and socially) from the town by the ring road,which is very much a good thing - the tattoo/piercing/fat count is much lower down here. Oh, perhaps there is a reason that the road is known as Snobs' Alley too.... Seriously, the location is good, within 15 mi
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