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  1. What will be the trigger that causes the property crash?
  2. Who is most to blame for the property boom and the high property prices?
  3. How many years are you prepared to wait for the property crash to occur before giving up and losing interest in buying a property?
  4. How low will interest rates go?
  5. How high will the price of a barrel of oil go up to (Price in US Dollars per barrel of oil)?
  6. By how much will house prices fall from peak to trough (as a percentage from the peak)?
  7. When will the trough in house prices be reached? In other words, when will house prices reach the bottom?
  8. Do you prefer to have a bath or take a shower? The reason I ask is that some buyers are fussy and insist that there is a bath in the bathroom in addition to the shower unit, or alternatively some buyers insist on there being a shower unit in addition to a bath in the bathroom.
  9. What is the most important room in a property which if it is spacious and well layed out will ensure that the property sells? In other words, if there is one room in the property that is critical in being right in helping to decide whether or not a property will achieve a good price - what room will that be?
  10. An alternative to selling the property would have been to have rented the property out which would have covered the mortgage costs. In other words, they could have become a BTL landlord. They should have waited until the spring bounce next year to sell their property and in particular should have waited for the boost in property prices next April resulting from the changes to pensions that will allow the inclusion of residential property.
  11. Try buying some rare stamps and build up a stamp collection to add to your gold collection. Stamps have been going up in price and are a good hedge against rising inflation.
  12. Charlie The Tramp, You shouldn't feel sorry for TTRTR. He deserves the abuse he gets. Afterall he is the one who is abusive. TTRTR getting all upset about something that someone said is a bit like the pot calling the kettle black. TTRTR is just a jerk that everyone should ignore. Let him stew in his own juice and play out his fantasies in his perverted fantasy World.
  13. There is very little bullish argument on HPC because bullish posts tend to be viewed by the moderators as Troll posts and are deleted. Visit the website housepricechat.co.uk for a more balanced debate on house prices.
  14. It is optimism and positive sentiment that keeps people buying property. The people who are buying now are probably thinking that their property will be worth more than what they paid for it. Would people really buy an asset if they thought that there was a strong possibility that the asset will be worth less in the future? Maybe the people buying now may have got a significant reduction off the asking price which makes them feel that they have got themselves a bargain but any kind of reduction negotiated from the asking price will still make the property very expensive and way overpriced.
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