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  1. As Bruce Banner should surely be aware, people are simply putting a gj on the dash in case they come across a protest (in the hope of being waved straight past the protest as a 'supporter'). It means absolutely nothing. Last poll I saw, support was down to 54%.
  2. I had the same problem on Opera desktop (for Mac) over the last few days. Seems OK today.
  3. It's good marketing for their 'altruism' - which, should anyone be thinking of setting up a foodbank - starts to look like a pyramid scheme in the making: "Churches are expected to make a donation (currently £1500) towards Trussell Trust expenses supporting your project and a small annual donation towards the ongoing costs of the network support. "
  4. In the case of France (so I assume it's the same for other EU countries); they'd be eligible for an S1( disability E121), which means that the UK reimburses the French authorities for any treatment they have in France.
  5. Reimbursement of most treatment / medication is 2/3rds (less for some 'trivial' and 'cosmetic' stuff). Certainly more drugs are being shifted into lower bands, and you also pay the first 50c(?) of each item on a prescription. A GP visit is reimbursed at the usual 2/3rds (less a Euro, from memory). Most people have 'topup' insurance for the other 1/3rd, but as david says, if your income is less than around €9 or €10k, the state takes that role and reimburses the 1/3rd itself. (If your income is in a band a little above this, the state makes a contribution toward your topup insurance).
  6. Assuming you mean UK pensioners, they qualify for an S1(E121) from the UK government which gets them into the health system via CPAM. Non-working people under state retirement age would get an S1(E106) for about two years based on UK NI contributions, then need private health insurance until they've been resident for 5 years, at which point they gain automatic entry, again via CPAM. (Though even this is changing as a result of appeals to the EU, and those people should now be able to enter the system via CPAM on expiry of the E106, and simply pay 8% contribution).
  7. Could you explain that (because I also live in France and your comment sounds like b0llocks) ?
  8. Apart from certain restricted trades, that's absolutely not the case. You can register as, say, a cleaner and you qualify for healthcare for three years*, even if turnover is zero for that period. (* recently changed from one year to three, not sure if it's changed again since).
  9. I was on the 2.9%; all you have to do is log in, open a new 3.01% account, then move the money across.
  10. Not the case; all the online brands that Santander has accumulated in various countries are simply to be rebranded under a single brand (which looks like it might be Openbank, a name they already use in Spain).
  11. The suspensions (Sarkozy hopes to have it back in three weeks time) of the carbon tax has nothing to do with popular scepticism. It's simply been declared unconstitutional due to exceptions having been made for hauliers, farmers, fishing fleets, etc. These exceptions were said to make the tax injust (but presumably those companies will just, one way or another, pass any future increase to the consumer anyway).
  12. Hi Yes, I live in France and can confirm that non-UK residents are able to open High 5 accounts and the account is fully covered by the FSCS. I think this is the relevant part of the code: http://fsahandbook.info/FSA/html/handbook/COMP/4/2#D6
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