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  2. Why is this forum full of so much anger ??? Are you all people whose friends have been succesful with property, but you were too late ?? are you gutted you missed out or something .. ?? i see few posts from those who bought during the early to mid 90's as i did. perhaps we know that even a 30% - 40% correction wont affect us so we dont spend all our time banging on about house prices. it seems everybody here is one of those bores you meet at the pub who can talk for hours about house prices ... but oh .. didn't have the sense to purchase in 94 / 95. I can understand seeing the stupidity o
  3. Weston Super Mare is *a lot* cheaper than Bristol ; I think your search has brought up "Totterdown Road" in Weston, rather than Totterdown - district in Bristol.
  4. ok thanks very fair comments from all perhaps i was quick to jump down throats the reason for the valuations was purely curiosity, keep getting EA leaflets through the door, had some days off work so thought i'd make use.. i'm not insecure .. maybe i would be with a 100% mortgage .. but i certainly have not been stupid enough to borrow against my equity yes it *does* seem like a big jump since 2004, which is why i made the original post, but i conceed that the ea 'valuations' may not be very real maybe the mandatory valuation for the council tax re evaluation will be more realistic? my a
  5. Um, hold on a miunte... I'd prefer not to be called a sucker, thankyou. And I'm trying to find the part of my original message which says I'm trying to sell my house to move into a bigger one. And I can't find the part where I refer to the 'magic' of my house going up in price. For your information my wife is due a 2nd child & I needed a 3rd bedroom. I expect to be here for at least 5 years. I find a forum called "what are house prices doing in your area" & post what i percieve to be a fair enough comment. Even if the estate agents are adding 10k - 15k, my point is that the house
  6. Bought our 3 bed in Totterdown April 2004 : £134,950 Just had 3 seperate independent valuations this week all >£160,000 Was very surprised myself, but just letting you know the facts.
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