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  1. I am currently with Intelligent Finance. They provide current accounts that match your savings account interest (currently 4.75%), the ISA is 5.05% (not that good) but they are all instant access and no limits. You can also offset your savings and current account jars against loans/mortgages jars so you pay less interest on your loans. Service is pretty good and they are Internet based with Halifax as the place to deposit cheques in person.
  2. but if you default on unsecured loans they can eventually take your assets to pay (e.g. house) Cheers R
  3. just a quick suggestion after reading it. The area talking about vested interests putting out house prices going down one month and then up, it would be worth putting in context the stages when different people report. Something like home track / right move are estate agent offer prices, Halifax / nationwide are at mortgage approval and land registry the actual sold price. These of course happen over a long period and so reflect different points in the buying process. Cheers Rich
  4. Presume she could but the place she has found it 5 minutes walk from her station so quite handy. Anecdotally St. Albans (which is where it is) must be reasonable a wash with rentals if they dropped the price that quickly.
  5. A firend of mine has just moved in to a new flat, but her landlords where having trouble finding other people. So they have dropped the rent for the other rooms. Recognising that she has agreed to rent the room at the previous rate is the a strategy she could approach to get the lower rate. She feels slightly annoyed that she will be paying more. I recognise that she has made her bed so she sleep in it but any help would be helpful.
  6. http://www.bankofengland.co.uk/Links/setframe.html
  7. I found the following comment by alex bannister rather interesting: “Despite the private rented stock increasing by just 8,000, the number of outstanding buy-to-let mortgages increased by 100,000 over broadly the same period (from 233,000 in the first half of 2002 to 333,000 a year later). Given that there are also cash purchases of rented property on top of new buy-to-let mortgages, it appears that there has been some substitution of ownership. Large corporate holders of private rented properties appear to have sold up to private smaller scale investors. However, part of the increase in th
  8. Now I am just a simple country lad and I am sure you big city folk know more about this than me but looking at the pictures in the hometrack report show that the prices where returning from a drop in price inflation in 2003 and asking prices where doing the same (graphs 1 and 2). So what is different this time? My first thought was that the number of transactions is lower so they are making less money? Do they provide information over a longer time period? R
  9. Well they are technically not permanent but long term, which means you can "stay aboad" for a maximum of 11 months of the year, but after holidays and weekends away etc. that is ok. Permanent ones usually have electric and water (mmmm running water...). Yep will be interesting to see what happens to boat prices, I am personally saving until house prices come down a bit.
  10. I don't think sledgehead was implying that you are a water gypsy, but without the moring you would not have permanent place to put it and hence be floating free (whihc in itself isn't bad, unless you need some a permanent base). I also own and live on a canal boat (mooring rented from Birtish Waterways) they can, as any landlord can, chuck you out but as long as you pay your bills and don't cause trouble I have them to be good. Also winter is some of the best times, just get the fire going and the wine open. Boat prices are linked to house prices but are much less volatile, they also appeal
  11. If you are trying to find the best place to put your money, and keep upto date on the latest deals try www.MoneySavingExpert.com. You can sign up for regular newsletters that keep you up to date on the latest deals from banks as well as other ways of saving money.
  12. Hi all, first post here but been watching for a while. It seems to me that everyone is expecting interest rates not to go above 5.25% (ish), but surely this impression is based on the BOE's assumption that house price's will level off. Surely the converse is true that if they keep going up (and they are overall increasing at 17%) then interest rates will have to go up higher than the market epxects. The problem is that house prices have been going up at 15 - 20% for so long that anything else (3% pa) just doesn't seem right. People have spent 8 years getting used to prices increasing and so
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