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  1. Since when were average wages in Belfast and London on par....
  2. You can't compare Northern Ireland and London, thats not a valid comparison. Price drops in one area with special circumstances do not make for a generalised UK HPC...once again the case is not made.
  3. You compare London and Northern Ireland, thats just silly. A decrease in one area of the UK which is very much a special case is not a general HPC. Once again, no case for a HPC in the UK has been made.
  4. You are comparing 2 totally different markets, what you say is irrelevant.
  5. I think you're wrong....I think people here miss the fact that there is such a huge amount of money in property that its almost self sustaining...you also miss the number of people there are in this country making extremely good money, many of them holding property portfolios and more than ready to snap up more property if the price should drop,thus forestalling any correction: there is no one on this site who, in reality, can make a convincing case for a house price crash: silly graphs and charts based on obscure mathematical theory do not constitute proof as markets work in an organic NOT n
  6. The cost of living obviously is NOT falling....and people can only be re-employed if there are other jobs for them to go to. We gave huge systemic unemployment so I think its fair to say the jobs aren't there. You need to follow through your argument to understand the situation properly. 1. China, for its own reasons, primarily political (its terrified of the development of a large, independent middle class) has to keep exporting what it makes to countries like the UK. 2. Masive globalised arbitrage of Labour has lead to a decline in employment and average "blue collar" wages in (for exam
  7. Was Hugh Hendry the hedge fund guy? If so I have to say he was impressively articulate and obviously extremely sharp and intelligent: a very talented man, another tragedy of the gross perversion that capitalism has become that his considerable talents are wasted on a something so socially and culturally useless. Give it another 5 years and I guess all our best and brightest (and you can't blame them) will be bankers, hedge fund managers or work in the public sector.
  8. Please your not priced out...I live in London, and I am!! With respect to your graphic...I'm sure you could have produced any number of similar ones re various aspects of the economy in 2007, they would have been proved wrong then, I think they'll be proved wrong again. Theres just too many people in this country with too much money, and too much investment in property.
  9. You need to remember that many people who post stuff on the net are a bit, well, weird....generally the more extreme the scenario they describe the wierder they are and the more they should be totally disregarded. You certainly should base any decisions in your life around what you see on the net. As to HPC...personally I've given up on it, if it didn't happen in 2007/8, it ain't gonna happen know: there are obviously other fundmanetals at work re house prices (people using property as their pensions, land shortage, even more VI's than previously thought)...best just get on with life and st
  10. Sorry mate, there will be no Tory government. Not once Labour mobilises its massive public sector employee vote...and (for reasons to do with land availability, shortage of housing stock, immigration...as described in posts by others above) there will be NO housing price crash. The unpalatable truth is that if you are priced out of the market now, you will remain priced out of the market.
  11. You seem to have picked up on one half of the globalisation con, but not the other: can you explain how exporting jobs doesn't make us poorer?
  12. Greek cuisine...yuck...nasty stodgy, stringy old dead goat nonsense and in Retsina (a.k.a. Retchina) the Greeks have managed to produce possibly the worst wine in the world.
  13. How dare this disgusting theif give away our money to these people....our own kids don't get a proper education, let these people look after themselves and sink or swim with the rest of us. I thought I couldn't despise this man anymore than I already did...until I read this! I'm furious! Sod Africa, its an aid junky that needs to go cold turkey. Edit...actually its not even our money, its borrowed money that the next generation of Brits will have to pay back!!
  14. I have a question for you guys here who know more about these things than I do....if you're a saver and do not hold a mortgage, whats LEAST damaging to your interests..inflation or deflation?
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