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  1. I already have my income from business pretty much automated. People that work their asses off making other people rich are mugs, and that's probably about 80% of the working population.
  2. NZ is no paradise unless you are on a gap year or approaching retirement. A huge amount of the working population have left the country and living in Australia for a better climate and much better wages. Wages are driven down by immigrants from pacific islands who will work for a few $. NZ and OZ are also not cheap, last time I visited I found them both more expensive than the UK, particularly grocery shopping, cars, broadband / mobile phones. Houses over there also way out of kilter with wages, partly fueled by investment from China. NZ is a lovely place but it is very isolated (kiss goodbye to cheap foreign holidays) and I'd only advise living there if you have pots of money in the first place. Lots of Brits, particularly those in trades really struggle out there, no doubt tempted by stupid daytime TV programs that paint a very unrealistic picture.
  3. £450k is fair enough for a house on a decent tube line, Morden is also good as you are guaranteed a seat on the tube, and after living in Clapham Common I can tell you it's worth it's weight in gold to sit down, it was even an issue getting on trains sometimes!
  4. Lets face it, prices are never going to crash, not in the way we hope they will. The sooner we all accept we have missed the boat the better!
  5. Northumberland... I don't think anywhere down South ticks the boxes because its so damn expensive, unless you want to live in a hell hole like Corby, Gt Yarmouth, Hastings to name but a few.
  6. Everyone is having children, and many of them, not surprising really!
  7. old fashioned attitude = bigots, racists etc
  8. Even if you own a house outright? Surely this cannot be true!
  9. How on earth av you managed to save up 200k? I suspect you have done that illegally somehow.
  10. London is the most vibrant city in the world, how can you say some Cypriot town full of chavs on holiday more vibrant or even Valencia? Have you lived there? I have and found the city dead most evenings!
  11. I have been a minimalist for years, in fact I lived out of a 60L backpack for three years + - its amazingly liberating getting rid of all the shit you don't need.
  12. East London = Shithole and can't believe people would choose to live there unless they had no choice;.
  13. Things in Bristol are changing, seeing a lot more on the market and more houses under 250k all the way up Gloucester Road (more Horfiled, Ashley Down and Golden Hill end).
  14. Unless you are planning on buying in Ireland then who gives a shit? Ireland has the same significance as Mongolia!
  15. So lets just go ahead and ruin all countryside with thoughtless developments and turning villages into Thamesmead re-incarnations!
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