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  1. Get a shredder - problem solved. I always shred all my mail - don't even want my name and address being accessible in my rubbish...
  2. Cloud based gaming has arrived - OnLive
  3. Hi. This sounds like too good a deal to me! The spot price for gold (as I write) is £866/oz and you are getting each coin for £750! The coins are selling for around £920 from dealers. If they are genuine, you've got a bargain, but I'd be wary... Regards, crude.
  4. Yeah, it disappeared in version 3 of the story: Newsniffer Regards, crude.
  5. I despair! In the midst of a recession (which may turn into a full blown depression), rising EU unemployment the EU politicians are suggesting this! Are they out of their tiny minds? Or are they so arrogant that couldn't give a flying feck what the proles think - they are going to do what they want anyway.... Why don't they just go the whole hog and let India join the EU. We can have all the workers we'll ever need then. While they're at it, let the whole African subcontinent join the EU too. I'd really like to know the actual individual who came up with this rather than it being an "EU proposal". It would be nice to know who is stabbing you not in the back but right in your face! Grrrr.... crude.
  6. Hi. Precious metals - check Precious metal equities - check Commodity equities - check Short US treasuries - ???? Anyone any opinions on the best way to short US treasuries? There are various ETF's out there - any UK based ones? Anyone had personal experience with them? I've about 20% of my SIPP portfolio sitting in cash - the short US treasuries may be a nice gamble with half of it... The article above warns it may not quite be the time to do this - when is the million dollar question. Regards, crude.
  7. If you want to see what a trillion looks like in $100 bills : A Trillion in $100 bills Regards, crude.
  8. Mp3 file can be downloaded here Mp3 download Regards, crude.
  9. True - by definition I should be OK. We're talking about BT here - quasi state company. No-one will be made redundant. All the people who've been "let go" are either contractotrs or agency staff - a huge amount of them to be sure... crude.
  10. It was a load of blox. I applied for the part-time "offer". Turns out it only applied to people on the bench (ie, not working and not earning the company any money). PR stunt really... crude.
  11. I agree. I work for them and honestly in our office you'd swear you were working in Bangalore! Day by day more of them appear. Our car park used to be overflowing - plenty of spaces now. All of them IT workers with skills not available in this country....(aparently!) Disgraceful... Regards, crude.
  12. Thanks - may look into that. Got a lump of cash in my SIPP waiting to go into something being eaten away by real inflation and earning bugger all interest... Regards, crude.
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