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  1. hi Assuming I can buy a small house outright (bought for the long term, either to live in or to rent out if I have to move) and still have a small cushion in case of emergencies left over - would i be best paying it all off, or putting down a chunk and having an offset mortgage but with the balance in the bank meaning effectively no payments? It is a strategy so that my cushion can be expanded without needing to remortgage a paid off house, but not having the deeds to the house to say it is paid off. ANy thoughts( apart from dont buy, I've been waiting 10 years to be in this position, soon i'l
  2. I'm one of those looking to buy in the next few months hoping for a 3 bed semi which I can live in but which will rent out if I have to move. Ideally I'd like it to be not too far from the country or at least some lakes or canals and on the solihull side of brum. Reasonable ethnic mix and no chavvery ( hence northfield kingstanding stechford etc are out). Can anyone recommend somewhere I should be looking, I don't want to have to write to kirsty and ask her to put me on the show. Thanks Sparky
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