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  1. Unfortunately, it's classic fear of change and a realisation of the finite nature of life. Both my and my ex-partner's grandmothers ended up in residential and care homes respectively, and, not surprisingly, they hated the idea of it before they moved in. Of course, the moment they actually moved in, it was the best thing since sliced bread as they both had company and all the stresses of maintaining their homes had largely been removed and I feel it led to a far better quality of life for both of them in the last few months of their lives. From the experiences of my grandparents, the pro
  2. To be fair, HMOs around the university have been coming up on rightmove for at least the last 9-12 months. I would hope that the local slumlords can see the writing on the wall as Plymouth is currently going through some bonkers purpose build student flats bonanza, with most of the infrastructure of the town being knocked down and re-created as student apartment. The locals are fairly up in arms over this strategy as it gives the impression that the whole of the town centre area is slowly being student-ified, though there have been non-student regeneration projects in other parts of the town.
  3. This isn't legal advice, but I had something a little bit similar a few years ago (before the DPS existed). I had rented a property through a property management company and after some time, the landlord got pissed off with the management company 'taking a cut for doing nothing' and asked us to pay the rent direct to him, which we did. However, the management company still held the deposit and once we vacated the property they returned the deposit in full, along with a line about not caring about the state of the property as they had had enough of the landlord. From your position, I would
  4. Man alive, that sounds like the crappy games company I worked for a few years ago. They seemed to have a real boner that anyone surfing the web wasn't working, especially when the programmers were on stackoverflow or the artists were on image sites looking for source artwork. Naturally, they blocked music streaming so I got a mobile contract with unlimited internet so I could stream spotify all day. It all came to a bit of a head when my producer told me that the boss didn't like to see us using IRC clients as it wasn't 'productive', even though we were only using them to deal with our remot
  5. Hello CI, I had something similar with a first-time landlord a few years ago. For some reason he got very worked up about the managing agents getting work done on the house and so on to the point where he sacked them and took over managing the contract himself. The agents held the deposit until the end of the contract and returned every penny once we'd moved out. Hopefully, it won't cause you any problems. The only thing I did find was that I needed to be a bit two-faced in agreeing with the agents when I spoke to them about the landlord and agreeing with the landlord when he spoke about th
  6. I got 12/50, I am in my forties - is that good or bad?
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