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  1. You would also spend half the day on the toilet plus developing type 2 diabetes may not be the best result
  2. Could work but they’ve priced themselves vs their own products. Just check leasing.com for an equivalent car, add on £60 a month for insurance and you’ll see how uncompetitive this offer is vs their own PCH offers in the market
  3. This peach is from a Facebook Landlord Group...enjoy. Just sounding you out in the circumstances....I have a good paying tenant, I want to sell the property which needs a lot of work, next year. I am thinking that I want him out at Easter so that I can get the property turned around in the holiday period. I just want out tbh as all the regs etc will wipe out any little profit. He knows of my intention to sell as he offered to buy but it would make me in negative equity so I politely declined. My question is, when is it best to serve/tell him his notice now? He is on a periodic roll
  4. From Facebook Landlord Group: “It's quite clear the government couldn't give a shit about landlords . It would kill me to see some person living in my property completely rent free for months on end laughing at me and nobody doing anything to help me . I wonder what they do with all the money they save on rent ?“ it’s not just the tenant laughing at you love
  5. We’ve been looking for a dog, right time with kids ages and work situation but prices are nuts. Would consider a rescue but hard to find any that will allow you to re-home with a pre-schooler so have decided to wait until all these £2k puppies go back on the market in 12 months time.
  6. Redundancy has given me the opportunity to follow my dreams and become a professional dog walker.
  7. Agreed - there is only one TV news source acceptable to the woke, Channel 4.
  8. Just dropped my daughter off at school....pandemonium, mums catching up with each other after months, hugs etc. If the R rate doesn’t take off now then I will be shocked.
  9. Most places are offering deals now but have jacked up prices. For example pub near me is selling ham egg and chips for £16 (was £12) which they discount to £9.95 if you order between 5-7pm Monday to Friday. Taking into account their 15% vat reduction, reduced overheads, they’re not actually out of pocket vs pre-Covid. That being said, you’d have to be an idiot to pay £16 for ham, egg and chips.
  10. I’m confused - nowhere in the article does it say that anyone starved to death?
  11. That’s a false equivalency. Covid is much more dangerous to my parents than influenza. if I gave it to them because I wanted a half price pizza I wouldn’t forgive myself.
  12. Except my parents are over 70 and I quite like them. Why would I risk putting them in a precarious situation so I can have a half price pizza? I suppose I could have the half price pizza and not see them for 14 days.
  13. Average GP on food is about 65%. If you’re giving 50% away then you can see where this ends. Either bankruptcy or a reduction in quality to try and get to break even eg horse meat
  14. Just search UK Landlords Support Group and answer their questions for entry. ___________________________ Can tenants be evicted yet?? Been trying to get ours out for over a year. Section 21’s twice and now the agency are saying they can’t even do an inspection til October. This has stopped us from buying a new house as needed to sell it for the deposit. Never ever again will we ever rent.
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