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  1. Not really. I have a decent grasp of Spanish and French but Portuguese makes no sense to me whatsoever.
  2. I’m in a similar position. Price was dropping to 90p per litre then plateaued now up over £1. Can probably hold off for another 3 months max before biting the bullet. 75-80p is my target price but at the moment that’s just wishful thinking.
  3. I think the FED will go for a 0.5% rate rise forcing the BOE to match with a 0.5%. Our interest rates will be dictated by the market and the Fed.
  4. Do you support hunting on the grounds that if it was banned they would have to put down all the hounds? Just playing devil’s advocate. I love a good rib-eye
  5. Excuse my ignorance but can you share a link that explains this please. I would have thought any trees growing would deliver a net reduction in CO2 so I’d be interested in knowing why not.
  6. Anyone who bought in the last 4 years at high LTVs or shared ownership.
  7. No, he was in the queue with everyone else. It was just accepted that this was the way things were. No wonder people walk 10+ miles to get water etc, it’s probably quicker than driving if you have to refuel.
  8. This all reminds me of when my friend drove from Kenya to South Africa. Sometimes he would have to wait for hours at petrol stations for the delivery to arrive and when it did the prices were extortionate, even higher than the UK at the time which when compared to local wages was eye wateringly expensive.
  9. Krusty and Phil would advise going balls out with a 10% above asking price offer. Get it off the market pronto.
  10. What about in Africa where VW sell lots of cars? South Africa, arguably one of the most developed countries on the continent, currently have rolling blackouts because supply can’t meet current demand let alone future demand with EVs included. Add into the mix that if your EV runs out of charge on the motorway you’re likely to end up getting murdered for your wallet and you can see that it will be a long time before ICE is obsolete. His argument seemed to revolve around EVs are better than ICE therefore everyone will want one but the real world isn’t quite so simple.
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