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  1. I would cover the box in ice packs. Getting it down to -10 should do the trick
  2. “Purpose-built modular can be beautifully designed....” These however look like public urinals
  3. Ha - my friend bought a flat there when it was first converted. Wasn’t a bad flat at all inside. Had that weird hotel vibe in the corridors but it does definitely smell of ovaltine. I thinks it’s ingrained in the mortar.
  4. If EU don't grant an extension it's check mate for Boris. I want the deal now. Don't like it much but I'm bored. Still a chance of no deal end of 2020. And a huge tory majority which consign so many of the scumbags to the dustbin. Any brexit is a victory now as the tears of these dreadful remainers will feed me for years.
  5. “My sister has separated with her partner because he voted to leave” Are you being serious?
  6. I think at 102% they will have lost money when you account for stamp duty and other costs etc. Of course this goes against the mantra of “you can’t lose with bricks and mortar” and was correctly rejected.
  7. The planets heats up and cools on its own eg. Ice age, medieval warm period etc. Notwithstanding human impact. our efforts are best spent on improving our ability to adapt to changes rather than prevent them like King Kanute trying to hold back the tides. I agree more should be done to reduce wasteful and inefficient behaviours and I’m not against trying to achieve a completely sustainable and renewable energy infrastructure but to try and reverse the heating and cooling of the planet when it is demonstrable that this occurs with or without human intervention seems like a folly.
  8. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-49977014 A furniture company has gone bust with 252 job losses after reporting "a catastrophic collapse in orders". Triumph Furniture of Merthyr Tydfil, which has bases in the town and Dowlais, supplied more than 600 furniture sellers, as well as being a major supplier of central government.
  9. He’s punching above his weight
  10. Thanks for the advice - it works
  11. I appreciate the need to generate revenue but this is become absurd. The website is almost totally unusable with endless banners covering most of the threads. By the way I’ve just switched to Bulb so why they are spamming my account I have no idea.
  12. It’s not publicly listed so you can’t directly short it
  13. Why publicise it in the national press? Also, I assume she is liable for income tax on the money?
  14. They offer the best rate for a Junior ISA on the market 3.6%. Whether this is a sign of distress I don’t know but I moved both my kids isas there as they’re are government backs up to £85k anyway so no risk.
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