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  1. Had the same problem on an iPhone. Someone recommended using the phone in landscape which made it much better.
  2. Having been to the Isle of Sheppey I can only think that surrendering the land to the sea would be an improvement.
  3. OK, I’ll disclose now that I’ve worked in the card industry for best part of 20 years at manufacturer level. I won’t declare who I’m currently working for but my current role is creating consumer and retailer offers for a top 5 uk car brand. if you want to buy a cheap brand new unregistered car what you need to do is 1) go on carwow and get the dealers to fight it out to get the cheapest price to you 2) take out the manufacturer finance with deposit contribution and 3) exercise your right of withdrawal within 14 days and pay off the balance of your finance with either cash or a lower apr
  4. Incorrect. If you exercise your right of withdrawal you still keep the deposit contribution and any other benefits associated with the finance.
  5. Don’t new build buyers have HTB to assist with low deposits anyway?
  6. Is it just me or are all pubs/restaurants now charging £15 for a burger and chips even though VAT has been dropped from 20% to 5% on food? Add in a pint of out of date lager for £5 and you’re quickly close to £100 for a mediocre meal for 4. You can shear a sheep every year but skin it only once. Won’t be back anytime soon.
  7. My wife is a GP and her practice are preparing for another lockdown (collating lists and going over previous learnings etc). Read into that what you will.
  8. Bringing up sex workers with lefties is great fun as they normally go into some kind mental feedback loop. Objectifying women is bad but women should be free to pursue whatever career they choose. Brain does not compute......rape culture!!
  9. I think for your average incel she seems more achievable. They can also directly communicate with her which perpetuates the fallacy. Good luck to her, I hope she makes the most of it now as her looks are waning. But these things normally end in tears as cost of lifestyle increases and earnings decrease with age. I’m entirely confident her recent purchases would suggest she hasnt got a grasp of financial planning. Mustang mmm classy
  10. We probably weren’t making the right offer if you get my drift. SA politics operates almost entirely on backhanders.
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