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  1. Bung one of your charts out, gaw. All will be well. To be fair, when you chip in , you have something to offer. Schizophrenia is not a condition to be taken lightly, by the way. It's a living hell for those that suffer from it.
  2. Avoiding the double negatives, you've averaged 23 posts everyday for approx. 33 months. I'm concerned for you welfare.
  3. Interesting addition to that: Source: http://www.mortgagestrategy.co.uk/economy/property-lawyer-predicts-chaos-for-aprils-stamp-duty-rise/1027235.article
  4. Already here: http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=160725
  5. Ah, but that's the choice you're given. Buy into our model or suffer. There's a significant human rights issue associated with this. I'm working on it.
  6. vman7, You might find this link useful. It's an Institute of Fiscal Studies income distribution chart calculation which shows you where you 'fit in'. Just enter the relevant information. It will surprise you. http://www.ifs.org.uk/wheredoyoufitin/ NB I've reflected on your post, and I now appreciate where you're coming from. But to avoid inflaming unnecessary ill-feeling, I'll leave it at this. Good luck.
  7. No need to apologise, Sundance. The fortunate rarely know they are - without an alternative reference point.
  8. You're correct, Reraise. I have no interest here. Good luck with the poker. Adieu. Edit to add: I happened on this thread by misadventure. I wish to make it clear that it is not my intention to attack any individual. Certain elements of this thread annoyed me, and I make no apology for that - which is why I freely commented on it. I leave you to your fate.
  9. I'll overlook your insolence and attempt to answer the question you've posed. You want an average. Various economic models suggest that 40% of net disposable income is the ideal maximum. OK. There's your ante. Word of advice: Learn to walk, before you run. And above all else, LIVE WITHIN YOUR MEANS. If you're still confused, then I suggest you use your considerable JOINT income to engage an IFA to hold your hand.
  10. The original post didn't give any indication of that. Infact it gave the appearance of a troll post, as so many would fall over themselves to earn what this individual does. If he can't organise his own life off that salary, without consulting an internet forum, then he certainly wouldn't get a mortgage out of me (if I was a lender). And yes, Sir, I make no bones about it. I represent a conscience. There is poverty throughout the world. You spoilt children think you're owed. You are not.
  11. Renting is the way ahead. Increasing flexibility is needed to get the best jobs. Being saddled with a huge mortgage and a 'stepford wife' will count against you.
  12. Categorically INCORRECT. The original question asks how much do you need to earn (in NI) to have a "comfortable living". The concept of a "comfortable living" is highly subjective. Define that to suit your own pretensions and precarious aspirations. Thank you, Shotoflight, for putting the reality to a hoodwinked youth.
  13. Banks should be servants to the economy - not the masters of it. That would be a start.
  14. What the hell have your life choices; responsibilties and affordability calculations (now and in the future) got to do with comparing against other people's earnings? I'm struggling to understand your obsession with other income levels. Those won't pay your mortgage (or rent).
  15. Ollie, IMO, don't bother with this. As you've been informed that you have to leave anyway, you're better off reserving your right to give one months notice (under the current statutory period) should you find alternative accommodation sooner. She's just trying to guarantee herself rent from you until she needs possession. I suggest that you ask her to serve the requisite two months notice (she must give) as and when she wants the property vacant, unless you have already given notice. In the meantime, get looking for a new place - assuming you don't want to buy it, of course!
  16. So, you're able to make £3.5k net/month, but can't do your own budget forecasts. Are you serious?
  17. Back to basics: Keep it legal. Stay true to yourself. Seize the day. Quit obsessing about houses, it'll only hold you back - it's just a roof over your head. Get ahead by endeavour. Houses don't make you. There a place to put what you make.
  18. Nope. You're missing the point. The "rule of law" has become a persistent phrase. Note that Cameron is looking to effectively privatise all public services, apart from Justice and the Police. You will abide and it will be enforced. I suggest you take it seriously. Nothing changes.
  19. Cameron recently invited foreign wealth to buy Britain, with the words: Britain has "property rights and the rule of law". In Kuwait his mantra was: "Justice; rule of law; and freedom" Note the order and the assertion of subsequent enforcement. Is this what you want?
  20. You won't get anything else from a mainstream programme presented by a bunch of ageing boomers. Relax. Britains obsession will die with them. They don't have to suffer the consequences.
  21. At this point, they really don't want to raise rates for all the reasons cited many times on this site. At the moment, I think they're trying to 'game' sterling into a stronger position to temper the effects of imported inflation. Buying time - but will the markets give it to them?
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