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  1. sorry what i meant was : if i was going to invest in gold for the short term/next couple of years? i would buy shares or goldmoney etc but in the future when my housing situation is sorted this is probably a good plan sorry for the missunderstanding!
  2. good idea with the coins for your remaining years. i'm thinking along the lines of having loads of coins and [email protected] else for my retirement (when things get bad cash a coin in ) but as for buying coins just now ? if gold did tumble i would want out fairly sharp
  3. i like the thought of having lumps of metal as long as its going up in value. its the getting rid of it quickly if it tanks that puts me off buying it!
  4. sine if you dont mind me asking . how are you buying it ? do you have an allocated acc. or lumps of metal to go under your mattress?
  5. i have been looking at run down property to buy and in my opinion for the moment i would not touch it reason being too many idiots thinking they can still make money by flipping em! rundown property is bringing more money than its really worth the house your looking at needs at least 20/25k spending on it what will it be worth ? do yourself a favour give it a miss . i bet it goes for more than the asking too!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. thanks urban i was just looking at bubbs topic on the financial markets forum maybe i should wait till after the summer to invest or a good pullback ? i was thinking of leaving my money in the gold or isa for at least a year so i would get £150 or thereabouts for my cash or +/-?for gold at the moment ive got a lump sum in ING and a couple of isa;s but the return on my isa;s seems crap compared to the gains in gold this last year the money i was going to invest in gold is just a {forget about it investment} and see how it does when i want my money out .but at the same time i woul
  7. nearly the end of this years tax year! so i was wondering what peoples opinion of gold is against an isa ? i was just looking at the old gold threads {how cheap it was then to now} will it still go up? have i missed out already?
  8. karhu its not im optomistic or am i? i was a bear now im a bull ? one things for sure im not buying yet not with the banks money anyway i will just save more and plod along edit/ im still a bear!
  9. i am in a similar position to you. little bit further north.i sold just over a year ago though ! even to this day not one has gone for a better price than the one i got for mine i have saved another 14k since then ive visited this forum everyday since on a daily basis just lately with talk of( the last bear turning bull) this could be happening to me! but i tell you if prices do go up anymore (and thats a big if) i still wont buy a house i will just keep saving till i can buy what i want without a mortgage [email protected]@@k em all! oh and i might not visit this god damn site so often
  10. so what your saying is its a peice of shit and very unreliable then
  11. realistbear this in my opinion is nigh on impossible ! this is how it goes buyer visits site with view to buying house they see private sale .builder will just undercut seen it countless times on my travells i think its too late.he will just have to hang on in there! sorry ! i thought you beleived you had made 11k since buying ! so what are you saying ?
  12. absolutely fantastic for you then "youve made 11k" i would say awooga ! but this guy really does think he's made money good on ya!
  13. yes it is paranoid thinking /but go ahead think it anyway
  14. i think your right homeless would you let this guy babysit your kids?
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