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  1. 100 per cent Chav! that Fendi cushion is a dead give away
  2. how about this one? http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-36930362.html for a mere £1.65m Bad taste - tick High enough tower block to throw yourself from - tick Enjoy
  3. Ok these were advertised in the newspaper this morning. But considering I've just bought a 1 bed flat about 4 months ago in the same street for around 200K and that most 2 bed flats in this area are for sale at about 250 or 260K, these ones below are totally insane!! They're brand new, but who's gonna put 350K in that??? They're having a laugh http://search.knightfrank.com/KRD101129
  4. Yes, I could do this, it's a good idea! Something interesting happened, because of course, unknown to these agents, I am now living in the same residence, and one day last week, I got a leaflet through the post from the agency, with that place pictured all over it, saying "we've recently LET this property in your block...we're looking for similar properties, etc. etc. etc." So, they have not managed to sell it, and they've decided to rent it out. Meanwhile, there's another 3 of them for sale in the same residence, and they are not selling, like so many of them at the moment. The asking pri
  5. Great advice given above. For the 2nd flat, I'd be very reluctant to put an offer on a place that has not yet been fully built. It may have odd shaped rooms, or may not be on the right spot/floor you'd prefer, or may not be as good as the first one you've seen. Besides, there could be delays in the building process, and you'd be uncertain to move by a certain time - difficult to plan anything. In any case, in the current climate of the market, YOU hold the cards, not them. It's also your home. Good luck with whichever one you go for.
  6. I would say that you need to plan a fund aside for other unexpected costs as well, because sometimes you discover other problems as you're trying to renovate something. Get several quotes from different places, and try to stick to what you're planning to spend for each project. It depends what you pick, what quality you go for, and if you need to get it fitted as well. There's a low range and top range for everything.
  7. It depends on the agency marketing the flat. You need to ask them if the exchange of contracts has taken place and what the situation is. If the contracts have not yet been exchanged, anything can happen. It's the vendors' decision to withdraw the listing. The one I've just bought had been left listed on the agency's website as "for sale" up until last week, when the money was sent for completion. I understand my vendors though in this case, because they had found a buyer, but this person had let them down before exchanging contracts and the deal fell through.
  8. Thank you The vendors of the one I've bought must have had a real scare because their initial buyer pulled out at the last minute - the whole chain could have collapsed. The results of the surveys were ok, so I went for it. I'm so happy it turned out this way. I got the flat I wanted, and these idiots are still struggling to sell theirs.
  9. I think the other explanation for this is that first time buyers got much older - in their mid thirtys, and by the time they have saved enough money to buy something, they're already married with a child (or expecting to start a family). I certainly see that most 1 bed flats are now mostly appealing to BTL investors rather than people like me, who bought when they were in their 20's, as a way of putting a foot on the ladder - and most importantly, as a first home, not any sort of money making scheme.
  10. I've done the same as you southeast. I've sold my property this summer, and now temporarily renting...but I've now bought elsewhere and I'm in transition - waiting for the keys next week and start decorating before moving in. Since I've sold my place in north east London, I've seen a whole lot of properties flooding the market in my area. 1 bed flats are hard to shift from what I've noticed, but 2 beds & upwards seem to be selling well.
  11. Very funny, the property has gone on the market again this week, for the same price as this summer. They still don't get it, do they? Meanwhile, I have bought another flat in the same residence. I'm getting the keys next Friday.
  12. I agree with this. It all depends on the seller's situation. If they're in a hurry to sell, then you're in a strong position, but if not, you could lose it. Also, you have to consider whether you'd be willing to lose the money you've spent on all the surveys done for this property in case the sellers decide not to renegotiate the price and remarket the property. And what you also have to consider is how popular these homes are. In other words, if it's an area in high demand, with people lining up & prepared to pay more money than you do. It's a risky move.
  13. It can be a problem to have a share of freehold if the group of shared land owners generally don't get along, or disagree about the services, the repair costs, the maintenance issues, to name a few examples. If the building is rather large, with many shared land owners, that multiplies the possibility of the above examples. Besides, it also means that this group of people has to draw their own shared agreement to set the rules. Some people just don't want the hassle. It has benefits as well, but it's not always a bonus. It depends on the building & the people living there.
  14. In my recent experience, I've had 2 scenarios: Agency 1, property 1: Viewed the home Liked the place a lot Put an offer No answer for 3 weeks Sellers on holiday sailing Insisted on an answer Offer rejected Made another offer Sellers on holiday somewhere uncontactable Booked a second viewing On my way to the 2nd viewing, the property sold for the asking price (or so they say...I'll never know) Agency 2, property 2: Viewed the home Liked the home a lot, but showed some reservations this time Waited for the agent to call me back to give feedback Tempted me to put an offer Put
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