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  1. The Wirral...makes me shudder to even think about living there.
  2. Lived in London for 20 years and loved it then moved to Brighton aka "London by Sea".......more relaxed but still with good facilities and within easy reach of London. Hell for me would be living "up North"......depresses me to hell every time I have to go north of Watford.
  3. If you like the house, plan to stay there 5 years, have secure jobs and are not overstretching yourselves....go for it and enjoy your new home
  4. I do hope so, I always enjoy dipping into Mail Online for a laugh and to keep me up to date on what uneducated bigots are being told they should be thinking
  5. I was half expecting to read that it was the fault of immigrant Lesbian asylum seekers that the children of "hard working" white Daily Mail readers could not afford to live together. (Or that the reason there was a lack of housing was because millitant Gay couples were roaming the country forcing "decent" Christian couples to rent them rooms in their houses)
  6. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-28903646.html Will get you a nice liitle flat round the corner from me...probably need to replace the kitchen and bathroom though Or if you can go to OIEO £170K you could get this one (as long as you dont mind your living room being in the kitchen and only 6 foot wide) http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-14690100.html
  7. Bloody hell...I thought that those "only" went for about £250 at the absolute peak of the market
  8. Looks like the influx will not be ending any time soon http://www.theargus.co.uk/news/6419818.Brighton_and_Hove_set_for_population_explosion/ "A population explosion could mean 10,000 more people will be living in Brighton and Hove by 2018. Experts and MPs have warned the boom could have “dire consequences” because of a housing shortage in the city. "
  9. Estate agents can be just as bad...I viewed a house once that was being let to a group of young sharers. Viewing was at 10 am and to my horror two of the bedrooms had someone in bed...Agent just opened the doors and showed me the rooms. As we left I said that I found that the viewing had been embarassing. Agent just shrugged and said "dont worry its not their house, they are only renting" !!!! Oh, well thats all right then.....
  10. Scap any allowance or "tax credit" with "child" or "family" in the title...the state has no need to subsidise breeding. If you cant afford to raise children, dont have them
  11. yes it was called University and life was tough when we graduated but we just got on with it and made something of it rather than moan
  12. What makes me laugh and sad in equal measures is that some of the younger posters on here seem to think that they are the first generation that have faced economic adversity. To read some of the rantings on here you would think that the UK had never faced a recession before.....maybe they dont teach history at school these days
  13. ouch...i pay around £20 pm for my 8 yo lab with Virgin
  14. I would (and I imagine the Government will) just continue to increase the state retirement age, eg for those who are currentlly 35 make the retirement age 75, for those who are 30 it would become 80 etc This will hopefully encourage people to provide for their own retirement at whatever age they wish.
  15. Good advice. I have no intention of relying on the state when I am older...anything I get will be a bonus (few beers, meals out etc), but not something to live on.
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