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  1. At least it seems Corbyn may shake things up a bit - Not hell bent on spending blillions on war would be a good start.
  2. Local council begin to purchase tired old retail parks with £50million of unsupported borrowing. What could possibly go wrong. http://www.thewestonmercury.co.uk/news/north-somerset-council-agrees-to-buy-weston-super-mare-retail-park-1-5408918 It's like the Icesave days all over again.
  3. I often use ADVFN https://uk.advfn.com/p.php?pid=financials&symbol=LSE%3AAA. as I like having lots of info all on one page and you can download as Excel. Check out Gross Gearing for the AA - 200%. Ouch.
  4. Found it interesting the BBC are putting on a nightly Venezuela news segment. Why Venezuela? Why now? Where were all the news segments exploring food scarity in parts of eastern Africa, Yemen? Where is the nightly news about extreme violence in smaller Central Latin countries, the lack of medicine and high death rates. Challenge yourself and ask where you get your information from. Why do you see the stories you have found?
  5. I opened a LISA with £100 with H&L last year and I have just transferred all of my Halifax Help to Buy ISA (3.5%) approx £5k into the H&L LISA. I have made monthly contributions to my Help to Buy this year that does not exceed £4k. H&L has led me to believe I can still top up the LISA taking it up to £4k before April 18. After April should get the Gov bonus.
  6. https://www.property118.com/additional-licensing-proposal-bristol/ Bristol finally looking to regulate a bit of the renting market, £1660 for a 5 year license. Peanuts really in the big scheme of things but nice to see some comments from squealing LL's. Another potential cost to their 'business'. "What on earth are they going to do when all of the LLs exit the market?" Luke P Consultation Survery here
  7. 4,000 Centrica jobs in the UK to go by 2020? Are the Tories still fixing the roof of the economy whilst the sun is shining ? Or is it now pissing it, tools are down and the old roof half-finished and covered in large swathes of old blue tarpulin flapping about in the wind ?
  8. If you are financing a brand new reliable car every 24 months maybe people cant afford/dont want the extra cost of pricey breakdown cover? Profits down but be interesting to see their sales, that debt pile is utterly insane.
  9. Or... Record numbers of amateur landlords visit Rightmove looking to exit with some pre-Brexit gainz.
  10. On the theme of cars and the economy. A friend who works for Audi was told this week she has to hand the keys back on her company car as of next week. The only thing she like about the job was the free A4 she got to drive round in and is now scrabbling to find a cheap citeron, fiesta on finance to commute in. Audi findingin it tough out there and wage deflation in the form of company perks disappearing.
  11. Despite debt-market gurus The Guardian struggle to see an end to this era of cheap credit. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2018/jan/14/government-tackle-high-street-problems-shop-closures-ghost-towns
  12. I have been following this excellent thread and managed to find some time over New Year for rebalancing my own SIPP which is mostly UK, US and Emerging Markets. I've now been looking at themes and sectors around infrastructure (engineering companies) , water, medical equipment and specific markets in Asia (vietnam mostly for the demographics). I do hold a few individual shares but find it hard to find the time to research lots of individual companies so trackers and ETF's seem a decent way to invest. I have never invested in an actively managed fund but found myself looking at them for the first time this year (infrastructure funds, sustainability innovation funds, and Asia focused funds). The 1% charge does put me off though so leaning towards sticking to trackers, ETFs and possibly one active fund to compare. With all that said I would love to find another share or two like Atkins which I held in the past. If the themes of this thread pan out then a respected engineering consultancy should do very well out of all that government infrastructure spending. No one can predict the timing of a crash but at least I can rebalance the SIPP, get small position's and have a small watchlist of individual shares - and I have enjoyed doing it! GLA
  13. This time last year, just before Christmas we went for an Italian meal and after a bit of chat, the young waiter gave me his card - Bitcoin Trader and Crypto Consultant on it! This kid was around 19 years old, nice chap and we had a good conversation about a cashless society and the future of money. You could see the restaurant owners rolling their eyes at this kid, but I thought good for you, hope he is doing well now, sure he is! Then in the summer, missus came back from the dry cleaners run by a family, in between cycles turns out the Dad trades Bitcoin 'on the side'. Nice. Now people I meet socially just bring it up in conversation without prompting. What will the result of family get togethers happening all over the World in the next couple of weeks have ?
  14. FTSE flat (ok slightly up) this morning but Taylor Wimpey - 3.17% Barratts - 2.56% Persimmon - 2.43%
  15. Gut feeling. Dementia Tax from the Tories must have some private healthcare/equity release finance scheme at the heart of it. Lots of old people with empty 5 bed homes and a national health service they are desperate to sell off to the city and US.
  16. Yup, we are in process of negotiating to buy from our landlord, approx 4-5 EA's came round to value the flat on his behalf last month and all said BTL will not be buying it, no chance. It will be a FTB or downsizer as there is zero profit in it for BTL (it needs loads of work). Decent discount also on the cards and all potential work quoted and budgeted for, but recent headlines making for nail biting stuff!
  17. Yes vacant, no chain and refurbished could be BTL heading for the exit. Listing history (which I love on Zoopla!) might give some clues to increasing levels of panic. http://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/40841241?search_identifier=dca8f2b9a1b4b3ce82e83f3814511bdc#Zx2oTyEYsZmSoYmk.97
  18. Saddens me that some posters believe their vote wont make a difference. Whilst the UK voting system is not great, its not broken so I will be encouraging everyone I know to have their say and engage in it. A doubling of homelessness since 2010 is enough motivation for me to fill out a quick form online and pop something in the post to have my vote count.
  19. Recently had 3 quotes to re wire a large 2 bed flat and came in between £3k-£5k not including plastering. Refurb (not replace) of 5 sash windows came in at an eye watering £7k! Wont be doing that. £5k for a kitchen sounds budget, have you missed appliances? plumbing? £1k for a bathroom sounds cheap as well, might want to allocate £2k for that. Guttering sounds about right. New roof or any problems with roof and will not come cheap, would avoid any really cheap companies here. For me, the problem I currently have is finding a really good professional damp proof /treatment company to quote to treat areas of damp in a Victorian property before the rewire takes place. Some of the reviews of local damp proof firms are shocking and do not full me with confidence any of them know what they are doing, any tips appreciated!, maybe general builders will be able to help here?
  20. Ah I have happy memories of paying £40 per week which included all bills to live in a shared house in Mutley in 2001. We used to have huge parties, keep all the lights and heating on throughout the summer but the landlord didnt mind and was decent guy who would fix and service our 'house' mk2 ford fiesta at his own garage for free before it was stolen by local kids and joyrided (remember joy riding!). My housemates new scooter was also nicked and we were broken into twice in space of a year. On the second time the Police advice was to leave £20 note on the lounge coffee table so they would not have to rumage thrugh our stuff looking for drug money. Huge areas north of the University are all student houses like the one we rented, these prices now seem pretty poor value considering the locations in a pretty depressed and remote city (for the UK). Unless things have drastically changed, you could not pay me now to live next door or even on the same road to a house of 6-7 student lads, knowing what we got up to mid-week plus the high rate of crime we experienced whilst living there. Was not an option back then, but I can see why some students and foreign students prefer private halls with 24 hour security. Plymouth is a little wild at the weekend and students moving down there from London were shocked by some scenes in Union St, but coming from a seaside town myself, I found the casual and frequent violence, racism, drugs and desperate poverty pretty run of the mill although there was regular 'appeals for witnesses" posters in pub toilets and nightclubs after particular shocking attacks or violent assaults. Have gladly not seen many of those since leaving!
  21. I was called yesterday and receive the odd email asking if we are still looking. I actually find talking to them on the phone quite revealing and find myself weighing up if I would want to deal with this person in the future. It's nice to say 'yes we are looking but in no rush' and 'we are only looking to deal with realistic sellers' which is all true.
  22. Peter - I noticed that 'Hipsters pushing up prices' was news nationally and in local newspapers everywhere! Unbelievable ramping. That article smacks of a last desperate push people into BTL to me.
  23. Purely anecdotal but all the six properties we have half-heartedly viewed post July were landlords selling up. We are looking towards buying with no chain so that might influence that but interesting nonetheless. It is great fun to ask the EA's why the landlords are selling up though! Most say 'oh they just fancy a change of pace' or 'dont want the hassle of tenants anymore'. Since then about half have sold, not sure what prices were achieved yet. Will continue looking in the new year but wont be buying until sentiment really turns downhill and that might take some time!
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