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  1. negative rates are not printy printy. Danish banks pay charges on reserves to the danish central bank. How is that printy printy? What new money is being created by their CB? None. Actually, the CB is taking money out of the economy here, not putting it in. So, what are you talking about?
  2. Yes that sounds a bit marginal for 1st estate. However, what specific field are the roles you mentioned classed as? Is it pharmacology? What are the related biotechnology fields, and what about chemical engineering etc? Lets say you just graduated with a 1st class biochemistry degree from top tier uni last september. What related technical roles (not academia) would you be looking to get into? What do you think the reasons for the big pay gap with the US is (aside from the usual)?
  3. You don't get paid for that so its not on my chart. Unfortunately thats not true, and the whole point of this chart. That I agree with.
  4. But very true. Most slightly technical courses require certain GCSE results in maths and science AND the relevant A-Levels.
  5. Thanks, so say 70K on first promotion after what - maybe 10 years? Another promotion after that to say 110K, with the possibility to hit a 150K if lucky to get another level up after that? I think that puts it in first estate (albeit the lower end of the range), its definitely not 3rd estate which is capped at 100K. I'm thinking I should lower the starting salary for 1st estate to say 30K. I would guess one of the lab folks you mentioned above might start on 30K?
  6. My son is currently keen on science bio/chem and languages, and he's quite academic. But he prefers the idea of science to engineering. However most scientific roles in academia require or at least benefit from good programming skills. I guess its something he can learn later though once it becomes apparent he'll need it.
  7. No, merely that a tube driver with base salary 55K is well within the salary band shown for the second estate. A bus driver within the third estate can earn as little as 15K (according to my chart), which is the bottom of the 3rd estate salary range.
  8. Thanks Dorkins, can you give some examples of bio/chem careers in the 3rd estate? I don't really know but I imagined sales/mktg and research roles at big pharma would pay first estate wages. The point about US wages in this area being much higher suggests to me these roles will move to 1st estate in the next 10 years or so. Many of the tech positions in the UK now in the first estate were previously in the third estate in the early naughties but have been pushed there since by the crazy wages being paid for these roles in the US.
  9. They have not really decided yet and have not been made aware of the range of options... In any case they are young enough to have time to change their minds to some extent. Yeah some more detailed ones would be a good idea once they have settled on roughly what area they are interested in. Trouble is while I can do that for my own and related disciplines I can't for other areas - sociology related ones for example, I'd have no idea ... Civil engineering is not a soft degree its true, but its an outlier due to the very poor pay compared to other engineering sectors, which
  10. By way of reference here is a 2019 chart of post tax income.
  11. Good input. I checked and official poverty levels are defined as having 54% of what the median family has. So if the median family has an income of 30K, then the poverty line should be set at 15K, somewhat below where I have drawn it. Note that the number of wage earners per family doesn't matter. A 2-earner family both getting 30K (assuming this is indeed the median) would place a 2 earner family both getting 15k at the poverty line. However this 54% threshold is very arbitrary, in fact this whole method of defining poverty is arbitrary. I'm inclined to mark an "official poverty li
  12. And just to be clear, I do regard self employment, freelancing etc as paid employment and it is represented on my chart. So self supported artists etc are on there. I merely exclude large high value business owners who live on income from a business and capital gains, plus the strata of society who live entirely on the income from their capital (normally inherited).
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