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  1. Even if it was I wouldnt look on that suspiciously. But as I said, I know dentists at my place that were seeing new patients in the weeks leading up to a departure. They were often building a "list" for the next dentist to take over. That said there is no registration anyway so you are only "registered" for the duration of your course of treatment. If that course only lasted for 3 fillings then thats all the time she had a responsibility to you legally speaking. Labours new contract shifted all patients over to the responsibility of PCTs and LHBs in wales so you are only "registered" with th
  2. Its quite common for a dentist to move practices. They will also continue to see patients up until they leave. They would normally try and avoid taking on patients that need a lot of work though as they would be unable to complete it. They may not have had a new dentist arranged to take over hence you seeing her. People leave for a variety of reasons. They are still human after all I know people that have left one place to go part time somewhere else. Take a hospital job, dislike the principal. A higher UDA value on offer in another practice. Lots of reasons. But as I say, you would still be
  3. Hi Cells. without seeing the tooth it is difficult to say for sure if its cracked tooth. I find a good test is to bite on a cotton wool roll hard. Release. If you have pain on release it is often cracked tooth. I would be careful in saying its due to the filling though. I had a patient in today that has never had a filling in this tooth and it literally split down the middle. Cracked teeth are not just ones in filled teeth. Fillings do weaken the tooth and amalgam fillings will make a tooth more prone simply because it is a space occupier not a binding material. Teeth can take a little while t
  4. I simply can not agree with you on the idea that if it doesnt hurt its fine. It isnt like that. I know people that have died of cancer which initially didnt hurt them but would one say there was nothing wrong? You may scoff at that but it IS like that more often than you will care to admit. That isnt to say I do not agree with you that there ARE problems. I see work I think is woeful quite often and its left to me to put it right which is a lot more stressful than one would usually care to admit. I think there are a combination of factors not just the system being bad or the dentist being bad.
  5. Cells cracked teeth are a nightmare to manage. It all depends on where the tooth is cracked and how deeply it runs. Even then they are often impossible to see. I have a microscope so it makes the job a little easier but even then, seeing it doesnt mean it is fixable. Its generally a wear and tear problem due to the teeth flexing in function. White fillings can help but thats not to say they WILL. What wlll NOT help is amalgam ones due to the reason you have alluded to elsewhere ... they do not stick to the tooth. Can I just say how impressed I am that you were not impressed at the antibiotic
  6. Dave what exactly was pretentious about the post? From what I could see it was just a post pointing out some facts. Not praying on anything. Would you prefer us as dentists to NOT tell you that there are other problems despite everything LOOKING ok? That would IMO be rather unprofessional. If you decide not to act on advice thats fine but your hostility is not very helpful when someone is simply trying to explain the view from the other side of the bridge. I appreciate you may have had some bad experiences but I would hope that you could at least not tar everyone of us with the same brush. Som
  7. SOrry I have been away for the weekend. Why do you view the treatment as unnecessary out of interest? You do know you would be saving the dentist a packet by only having one done dont you? They would bite your hand off for that approach. We are paid per course of treatment. That means that when you come to see us for an examination that opens a course of treatment. We have to offer to provide what is needed to stabilise your condition. That is not the same as the previous contract. That may mean dressing all dental decay with a good temporary filling while we improve oral hygiene as one course
  8. With your first paragraph you show me exactly what a good diet can do ... and I am hoping exposure to fluoride ... although I am guessing possibly not? We know that frequency and amount of sugar directly affect the amount of decay so decrease it and you remove the food that the bacteria use to decay teeth, thus no decay. I do not for one second buy that sites idea that bacteria is not responsible for dental caries. If it wasnt then why would substrate removal stop decay? I do not have the benefit of seeing your mouth or indeed your mouth at 15 so I can not comment on your individual case. I ca
  9. p.s. that site is rather .... interesting ..... I wouldnt put too much faith in it though. An infection in a tooth can NOT be cured. I have seen plenty to know that. You can develop a sinus causing the pus to drain out via it and relieve the pressure. But thats not sorting the problem. The treatments are extraction ... or ... and you wont like this ... root canal treatment/endodontics. The endo isnt ideal as yes ... spaces of tissue within the tooth are left. its impossible to fully clean it inside. Its no miracle cure. BUT elimination of the bulk of the dead tissue and bugs allows the body to
  10. Not that you are interested but we can not re grow enamel or dentine. BUT ... in the right conditions ... it can re mineralise. Thats not the same thing though. We can cause caries (not cavitation) to firm back up but that involves complete cooperation from the patient and removal of all substrate. Often it also involves removal of some of the hopeless tissue before being able to do this anyway. Working as I do on a day to day basis, there are very few in my area that I would happily risk this with. Most, even with the best of intentions could not manage it. I also doubt the materials at my di
  11. tajak1000 very well summed up. Unfortunately there are clearly still many that are closed to the realities. None so blind as those who will not see eh?
  12. and interestingly , yet glossed over .... most of the cases up before the GDC are from OS dentists
  13. You are completely incorrect on this one. Student numbers are controlled centrally by the government and standards required are set out by the general dental council via a document entitled the first five years. The BDA has nothing at all to do with it .... or in fact anything. They are a representative organisation of which not all dentists are members. I dont know their figures off hand but I know most dentists I know are not members. Entry requirements for the course is set by the individual university. The reason the entry grades are so high is because they have in the region of 80 applica
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