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  1. -1.2 my first call ever on here, may as well hope for beginners luck for all the effing chance it has . . .
  2. thanks for the insight, good to know opinions from folk with first hand knowledge. I have my eye on a few properties in the area and it would seem that the ones that go STC quickly are the ones that are sensibly priced. All the others have been languishing for months with only small token reductions. popped into an EA whilst there a month or so ago and spikey haired yoof was very uninterested in my interest. He was seemingly the typical youngster still clinging to the wreckage of the boom times, blissfully unaware that he may have to actually do some work to sell a property rather than it sell
  3. Hi all New to posting, but been an avid HPCer for a while now and while I don't have the wit and skills to post in the main forums, I thought I'd put a feeler out for some specific help area wise. Currently renting "down south" have been for years. When houses were vaguely affordable I didn't have the money / job to "buy" and as they started to soar the thought of owing all that money just didn't make sense, so like many here I'm hoping they will adjust to sensible levels. Thinking hard about a career and life change and moving to Derbyshire. I have some cash rotting away under the low IR fro
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