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  1. No posts for a year. Has there been any marked chages in the Cornwall housing market since?
  2. I expect you know. They rake off percentages and fees for every trade and loan and derivative. A small percentage "fee" of every £Multimillion trade, turned over 100s of times a day is a big income. Any profession that is percentage and fee based is going to take your hard earned for sweet f a. Any bad trades they pass on to the insurance companies as a buy recommendation. The vital question that never gets asked is where all this money actually comes from. They create nothing, they make nothing, they sell nothing but paper. It basically comes directly or indirectly from the people on m
  3. The majority of small businesses in UK do not generate any wealth. They provide services which get paid for from the wealth of others. Then some go bankrupt leaving a trail of unpaid debts. Then they buy the assets back at a knock down price and start the scam all over again. UK needs larger quality businesses that actually make something and can grow to substantially increase employment and reduce unnecessary imports, whilst exporting overseas.
  4. Thanks Frank. What my wife needs for her sanity is to be able to get out of the house with some independence. So a local flattish area would be fine. That is most helpful. We have visited Cornwall frequently but living in one spot full time is never the same as a short visit. The currently available amenities, doctors, dentists are not easily knowable unless you live locally.
  5. Any comments/suggestions on #270? What is the situation with broadband services in Cornwall? Any areas better for maxDSL? Any news which 2 areas are being selected for Next Generation, NGA, fibre optic supply?
  6. Terrible when these Cornish tried to force shelter on this incomer at Marazion. "A Methodist chapel in Cornwall has offered sanctuary to a Hong Kong Chinese man who went on the run when threatened with deportation by the Home Office. Alfred Tong, of Camborne, near Penzance, who has lived in Britain for 17 years and has a British wife and three-year-old daughter, slept rough for three nights before taking shelter in the church at Marazion after his home was raided by Home Office officials. He fears he will never see his family again if he is deported to Hong Kong. He was given refuge by the c
  7. Wow!!! Divide by 3 and you have a realistic selling price. Divide by 2 and you have a realistic price if houses were in London.
  8. Penzance/Marazion is one area to look at so is Porthleven/Helston. Wadebridge is on the River Camel but like many places very close to the sea. Penryn has river frontage and is quaint. Even quite small country villages have a lot going on at a community level. Delabole for example could keep you doing something 365 days a year. Those seaside places with holiday homes may only have a few residents left in winter. There is a summer market but also a reluctance to offer places at reduced ie market prices. Those that sell do so at 30% discounts whereas in London the selling prices are neare
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