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  1. Well i do apologise for my grammer and poor spelling, I think you are currently missed on some other forum where grammer nazis can complain that teh intaweb has kild teh engrish I will try harder in future. Thanks for the replys. To answer a few: Laughing Gnome What problem with your values? Everyone should own their means of life, just not other peoples means of life Valid point, although I do believe we could be more collective as a race. I have enjoyed myself, and believe in paying for what you want, however certain people drop through the cracks of society that we could do more for. Let's get it right No I think i have come across wrong in my orignal post, I believe 100% that you should pay your own way, as for spending my 9 grand on the stupid tax, I may consider this futurepaul The only naked girls now is my wife, although i have tried to suggest others, but for some reason she seems offended ?? Everyone else, thanks, I appreciate the feedback I have currently about 10K savings, and want to maybe split some of my future savings into medium risk and low risk, but you have given me something to look into, so thanks. Hope I can contribute to this excellent site. Come one sibleyslovechild I bet your seething at my grammatical (and spelling errors) once again thanks everyone
  2. Would like to know which generation you are making a sweeping statement about. Not everyone who wanted to express themselves and expand there mind with drugs with flowers in there hair went to university in the first place or had parents who could support that choice in lifestyle. Some of us grew up in affected towns and citys that was wiped out from the last recession and wanted our own kind of revolution and some form of escapism, like the previous generations had done. As for "declaring "revolution" against society" isnt it a generational thing, that society needs a youth to question the powers that be so we can progress? Will gladly answer any questions you have just wanted to pick up on this point.
  3. OK this shows my mindset, i didnt post here first. I have been a long term lurker, enjoy the debates, and would like some feedback. I am glad to be part of this, and might event start handing out the (HUGS)
  4. OK, so been lurking here for well over a year, and would like some advice as believe there are some intelligent people on here, as interested in some response. So far all i have in life is a wonderfull wife, travelled the world, partied(sp?) really hard, and have got myself debt free. Was offered a mortgage in 2005 but even at that time thought the prices was too high (bit of a socialist) so we decided to clear wifes student loan and my 8 years (our, mainly mine) of drug and alcohol induced adventues. so i know there is a portion of (bat sh 1t crazy/tin foilt hat) brigade on here, but you lot have got me jittery (SP again?). We have some savings, but would now like to get some money together for a decent deposit(already understand my socailist values disappear at this point), I have 750 a month, what would be the best way to get the most out of this? Hello to the board, and this is a rant (you will get used to me), just some general advice welcome and please no (HUGS)
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