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  1. If that site works then it was listed in May? There is no copy link location option when i right click on imprimer. I used view page info and put the info in your linked website. Is the site usually accurate?
  2. 2# Vente - Maison en pierre - Chateauponsac - 90 m² - 23 000 € sauvegardée le dimanche 29 juillet 2012 à 22h03 message envoyé à l'agence le 06/08/2012 14:54:13 détail de l'annonce enlever de mes annonces sauvegardées infos agence From my saved properties list, good enough? I think that you wil find that it wasn't me who started mentioning politics. Don't worry I'm not holding out for an apology and have remembered why I seldom post on the internet. I'm not sure what the problem is here.
  3. ??? Totally wrong fella. I've visited the house and it's been on seloger for a couple of months. It's for sale through an agency but is owned by the mairie. I'm not interested in French politics so was not really concerned about the politics of the mairie. You must be easily amused if this got you rolling on the floor. I was looking for some advice from anybody living in France already and I think that your paranoia has got the better of you. I'll look for a more helpful forum.
  4. I hear what you are saying. There are plots available at about 10-15000 euro but I like to be near the centre of a village. What would a 2 bed wood building cost to buy and construct (approx)? I am pretty handy and actually enjoy doing a lot of the work. I'm not overly concerned about it as an investment as I don't plan to sell for a long time. I'm looking to buy and renovate for about 40-45000 euro. I work in France a lot of the time and can get to this town easily. I like this area but am willing to look other places if there is better available. I also like the area around Niort. I might h
  5. Forgot to ask, is any Le Pen area an automautic no go and is it because they are idiots or do they really hate foreigners?
  6. My link Looking at this. Trust me, the weather is better than up here in Scotland. It's for a holiday home but for work reasons it's handy for me to be near Limoges.
  7. So if it looks like a good buy it probably isn't? That makes life difficult as how do you know a good deal when you see it? I'm looking in the area but am not in a rush. I wondered if they just wanted to offload it as the property market is dead or if there are any problems I don't know about. I have to admit that the mairie owning the property makes me a bit less interested as I also assumed they would sell it to a mate at a knockdown price.
  8. I am looking at a house near Limoges which is owned by the local mairie. Does anybody have any experience with properties like this or can give me any tips on what to look out for? It's a cheap fixer upper but I'm not sure if the mairie will be keen to sell to a foreigner.
  9. My link Move to bonnie Scotland. It's cheap but does piss it down with rain virtually every day!
  10. I used Conveyancing Direct in Jan to buy a house and would recommend them. You have to chase them up to make sure that things are progessing but the price was good and I had no major problems.
  11. Outsourcing jobs to other countries is a long slow suicide for the UK. When will these companies realise that in the long term they are killing the UK and not doing themselves any favours? We need to keed as many jobs as possible in the UK to feed the circle.
  12. This is a brilliant website, get voting for the good ideas! I wonder how long it will be before it is inundated with nutters and tin hatters
  13. Can't they just sell them off cheap? I'll buy one for £500 and use it as a holiday home.
  14. It is difficult to tell what is happening around me. I live in FK2, some houses are selling quickly and others sitting around for months/years. Some people are carrying on as they have always done and others are in a classic Mexican standoff between sellers who won't drop prices and buyers who won't pay over the top. Some newish builds are being sold quickly and others that on the face of it are very similar languish for months. Weird market
  15. For me the broken benefit system is a major election issue but it doesn't seem to be taken too seriously by the big parties. Is it possible for the people with jobs who subsidise this type of lifestyle to vote for someone who is serious about change? I would vote for a party that capped child benefit at 3 kids and gave unemployed people enough money to live on and no more. Which party would do that? These people need an incentive to work and improve their lives and their childrens. Very unhappy with the current ridiculous situation. :angry:
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