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  1. Why post this story now, nearly 6 months after it was in the paper ?
  2. Must be nice to have so much money. A sneaky tax change is when the Govt doesn't annouce it, not because you haven't bothered reading about the change ?
  3. Yeah but we all know how ridiculous the house prices & people who pay them, are in London
  4. Madness. I do wonder why people live in London, are the wages really so good ?
  5. Just out of curiosity, did you ask HMRC the same question before asking on here ?
  6. How disgusting, workers getting the right to get sick pay, maternity pay & holiday. Isn't it bad enough that you have to pay them as well
  7. I understand that all the energy companies will be making hundreds of millions in profit by overcharging customers for their products. I assume you think this is ok, because they're private sector ?.
  8. I've changed energy supplier twice this year, but all 3 suppliers have put their prices up, not really a great choice if they're all over-charging you & ripping you off. Wonder how huge their bosses salaries & pensions are ?.
  9. Ok,, if you took a job with no pension, you can hardly complain about not having a pension, whilst other people who chose a job which did come with a pension should fight to protect what they have. I noticed Unilever staff were on strike last week, trying to fight to protect their pensions. Thats what people should be doing.
  10. People seem so militant on here when it comes to public sector staff, you wonder why they didn't stand up more & fight for their own pensions with the same spirit ?.
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