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  1. Why thank-you your gracious appreciation is much appreciated - in only you DM's had listened to me 4/3/2 years ago you would now be sat in your own OWNED comfy pad instead of lumbering in Rentdom waiting for a crash that just ain't gonna happen But thanks anyway - I realise it must be soooooooooooo annoying to have to listen to me being correct over and over again whilst you 'intellectuals' consistently get it wrong....hang on a minute .......
  2. hahahahahahahah - thats the best yet - you should be on the stage
  3. How do you know they're not I mean how conceited can you possbily be to think that you're right (with **** all evidence to back it up) oh apart from the thousands of graphs over the last few years which show us a crash is going to happen within hours !!!! Get used to it - you ain't getting no crash
  4. er and ????? - the relation to house prices is ??? oh sorry I get it it all falls into the Doom and Gloom scenario ! haha bless. I hear there is a shortage of truffles too due to the time it takes to train the animals which the younger generation have no intention of doing - that really would be a pain. I mean a life without truffles for gods sake ! What next Oil surpisingly enough doesn't just come from oil !! it comes from many other sources in the ground largely untapped (coal for instance) - put it this way anyone alive now isn't going to see the end of oil in their lifetime and by that t
  5. The BofE missed a rate cut in July by ONE solitary vote - which guarantees it next month - and one of the main reasons was house price stagnation so clearly the BofE want to kickstart it (surprised me too) - I was predicting a further cut in November but may have to re-assess to get two further cuts in ! I've had a punt on 4.25% by year end but reckon it could be now be base 4% and fixed rates from 3.75% and I have been uncannily right for soooooo long. (Sean hodges from thisismoney will tell you how annoyingly right I am haha). Happy times ahead for those of you with mortgages or about to bu
  6. Nervous ? me ? haha not at all had a fantastic meal at Paris House Woburn tonight (discussing my nervousness) - look in life the people that WANT to get on always WILL get on and I'm one of them - the people that are prone to moan at the first obstacle will ALWAYS moan and will NEVER have feck all to be proud of ! BRITS are known the world over as a nation of whingers with **** all to whinge about - try living in Sri Lanka for a year (I did in Beruwela) you will then appreciate what you 'haven't' got ! BTW you're DOOM MONGERERS I believe is the correct phrase
  7. Happy little soul aren't you !! Try enjoying life instead of whinging about it ALL the time blah blah blah
  8. I have already answered that - you amuse me ! As for burning the consumer no it won't - you have nothing concrete on your side else how do you explain the arguments you are using today are identical to the ones being used for the last 5 years etc etc etc etc and er.....the 'impending' crash that just never gets here ITs obvious from reading some of the postings that more and more people are getting twitchy about leaving house purchase any longer Please don't compare to a previous crash they are not comparable. Keep it up
  9. Of course you do ! (There are so many analysts/websites/thinktanks etc predicting a rate cut next month its embarrassing - do a search) PS The 911 is the ugliset car on the road - though I admit to going up to Newport Pagnell last month to peruse the DB9 !!
  10. Isn't it odd you believe all the people that have made a killing from property are lets say 'dim' and all of you that have repeatedly missed the boat on owning your own property and a snazzy little nest egg whilst paying someone elses mortgage off for them in rentalland, whilst waiting year after year after year for a crash are intellectually superior ! Still it makes me laugh Now Working Class Lad where are you - come on stop hiding your mum will patch you up ........
  11. Top post I couldn't agree more - when I tire of looking at the deeds I tour my house looking at my Mackenzie Thorpe/Rolf Harris/Govinder and now stunningly my Robert Lenkiewicz original paintings. I was fortunate to acquire some after being tipped off about him following his recent death - one of his recently sold at Sotherbys with a reserce of 6-8,000..............went for £57,000 !!! Didn't I do well ? And if I tire of that its off to Sri Lanka for some diving - you should try that FAR more relaxing than listening to Mozart in a rented flat and with no mortgage you can stay in the top place
  12. tut tut your jealous rants are amusing - I don't need to worry about rates as I don't pay them - the deeds are nicely tucked away at home BUT lower rates will breathe new impetus into the market and your 'crash' is even more laughably distant than now !!!! Tell me how long have you being predicting it now (and looking more stupid by the month?). Keep up the good work you're keeping me amused !
  13. Everytime I think I need a little help I get my mortgage deeds out and just stare at them knowing I haven't got to go through all that again and for one so young ! Honestly you can't beat that feeling - you ?
  14. ssshhh you'll spoil their gloom !!! They also bang on about Tony Dye 'predicting' the dot com bubble burst and go on to quote him on here on property matters as a guru - only he predicted the crash 2 YEARS before it began !!!! Odd that
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