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  1. The things these EA get up to. :angry: Well in this case i hope they fall flat on their face with it.
  2. In that case they can stick it. If it goes 'sale agreed' i'll get a friend to call and ask what the lastest offer is. If its 127k then i may be interested but i know what i'll go up to and it wont be much higher than 127k. By the way the vendor plans to take the american style fridge freezer and £2,000 oven with them.
  3. I forgot to mention this new bid has been made by a 'cash buyer' Is this another ploy from the old days?
  4. If it goes 'sale agreed' can another offer go in? Or is that it?
  5. Yes it does sound a rather large amount to up a bid by. Im not sure what my next step should be
  6. House on market for 4 months. I viewed at the weekend. Was told an offer for 127k was in. Then today im told someone else has bid 130k. Does this sound dodgy? Surely people increase offers £500 - £1000 at a time?
  7. Thanks for all the replies. I had a meeting with a local broker. My LTV would be around 80% or 81% The best she could offer on a house at £140,000 (as an example as i wouldn't go any higher than this) is around £560 TO £570 per month fixed for two years. The interest , if i remember correctly, was over 5%. Is this normal? I thought the interest would have been lower due to the LTV?
  8. Crisis? Houses coming down to affordable levels? Young people who were priced out for years actually having a chance to own a home? People taking on less debt to own a home?
  9. Im from Derry too. Its a joke around here. Poeple still think its the boom years and are asking crazy rpices. I rang about a house on friday. I asked what was the lastest offer. She said nothing. I asked if it had any offers as it had been on since august. She said yes £120,000 which had been accepted but the buyer had to pull out and now the seller wont take anything less than asking price (£140,000) Do they honestly expect anyone to offer £140,000 when £120,000 was accepted not that long ago?
  10. Thanks for the info. I have just applied to Experian. So shoyuld be here in a few days
  11. Thanks for this. My own bank is Santander. I think i'll get more options if i have a chat with a broker first. He can advise me of any "issues" with my credit histoty (although i cant think of any)and like you said most get paid by the lender
  12. What sort of details would i need to bring to a first meeting with a broker?
  13. Thanks for the reply. LTV for us would probably be around 75%
  14. Thanks for the info BelfastVI and doccyboy. I think i'll start with my own bank first (an informal chat) and see what they might be able to offer and then speak to a few brokers
  15. Thanks for the info doccyboy. I should have mentioned that im an IT contractor althought i have been based at the same site and working for the same company for over 5 years now. Shopuld i state im a contractor or will the bank just require the 3 months payslips?
  16. I've never had a mortgage but i think it might be a good bargaining tool to have when looking at houses. Im going to start looking soon as my wife and i plan to start a family this year but im not prerpared to pay what people think their house is worth. Im chain free and having a mortgage approved will also help me get the price down. So should i go to each bank indvidually or go through a mortgage broker? How much on average do brokers charge? I also think a fixed rate is a better option. Would i be right? Sorry for asking such basic questions but like i said i have nebver had a mortgage before
  17. I wish that reporter would come to this site and tell us why falling prices are such a bad thing
  18. Human Resource - Dominator (1991) Illuminatae - Tremora Del Terra
  19. OK i may as well post some decent old skool as no-one else has Interceptor 17 - Hallelujah 2 Bad Mice - Bombscare http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NO_ECkqQoxU
  20. Nice to see the Bel Tel remaining impartial with their headline
  21. RB thinks house prices wont fall and some posters think thats a sign that HPC is all over!
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