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  1. The house is just around the corner from me so i could take a run up and throw a spanner in the works Edit: I just remembered that the vendor even told me on saturday to 'just call up' and see him if i wanted to make a second viewing. No need to deal with the EA for a veiwing
  2. Thanks for the reply. If you are right then i wonder what the vendor would make of the EA not passing offers on! Having talked to the vendor on saturday im still very surprised that the house went sale agreed the day before. He even told me that 124k had been offered but if we offered 125k he would be happy enough with that.
  3. Hello Realistic EA I viewed a house on saturday. I rang today to book another viewing and was told it went 'sale agreed' on friday The seller told me on saturday he could wait for us to complete if we bid. He was planning to get a Housing Executive house but hadn't got one yet (does he not realise the waiting list is huge?) After the EA told me it went sale agreed i asked her why they didn't tell me this on friday so i wouldn't have wasted my time viewing on satuday. She said she would ring me back. She rang me back and then said it had been taken off the market and an offer of 124k accepted. She said that a cash buyer had offfered the 124k and could complete in 2 weeks as the seller had to get out by then. This is the opposite from what the seller told me on saturday So in your experience can cash buyers complete within 2 weeks? I dont think the legal process is that quick is it?
  4. pajd

    Waste Of My Time

    Thats what i have been wondering. Surely the legal process takes a bit of time? I was outbid by another cash buyer for a house about 5 weeks ago and its still sitting as 'sale agreed'
  5. Back to the drawing board. House has been taken off the market. Cash buyer has come in and suddenly the EA tells me the seller has to sell it within 2 weeks. Funny that - the EA and the seller knew i was a FTB and never mentioned the time constraint before
  6. Im a FTB. Viewed a house on saturday. Rang EA today to arrange a second viewing. She told me its off the market as an offer was accepted on friday morning. Yet the EA failed to tell me this. She said she would check for sure if it had gone 'sale agreed' The EA rang me back today and said the seller had to be out by 2 weeks and the cash buyer could complete the sale by that time. When i was viewing on saturday the seller said and offer was made but didn't say he had accepted it. In fact he told me if he got x amount he would take it (1 grand higher than what he did accept). He said he could wait for us to complete (around 5 or 6 weeks for a FTB). So im wondering what has changed since saturday? Ahh well if its meant for us it wont pass us by
  7. Thanks. As no-one has mentioned a tracker mortgage im guessing i should steer clear of it?
  8. I viewed a house on saturday(im based in Northern Ireland) The guy has it on sale for 135k but due to a change in his circumstances he wants out quickly and told me he would take 125k. At peak the houses in this street were on at 225k. I can put down 25k deposit. The question now is do i go for a 5 year fixed rate just to be safe with regards interest rates? Do you think they will rise quickly in the next couple of years?
  9. Oil goes up and the price of fuel shoots up within seconds. Oil comes down and the price of fuel doesn't seem to follow
  10. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-12552295
  11. I dont think you will have long to wait for that
  12. Are you looking at the cityside or waterside? Some nice houses in the waterside and much cheaper than the cityside. She wouldn't fancy living there though
  13. They should have highlited this bit In other words nothing is selling because prices are still too high and no-one is getting silly money thrown at them by the banks like the bad old days Instead the sheeple will whack another 10 grand onto their asking price. Silly people
  14. I always jump to the last page of the report and have a laugh at the deluded sellers who increase their prices. I often wonder what makes them do it?
  15. An IFA i spoke to about 3 weeks ago said i should be putting in offers of 20% below
  16. I have a seperate savings account for legal fees, 6 months worth of mortgage payments etc. The 25k is for a deposit. Not many 125k houses around here sadly
  17. Thanks doccyboy So a 140k mortgage is just over £1100 per month in that case once the rate hits 8.99% That seems a bit high does it not? My cirumstances are 25k deposit House price limit 140k On moneysupermarket the lowest mortgage rate is 2 years fixed at 4.25% then reverts to 3.99% plus BOE
  18. Maybe a thick question but as someone who is new to mortgages i'll ask anyway......... A mortgage is fixed at 4.25% for 2 years then after that it changes to 3.99% and linked to the BOE rate. What percent would it be if rates hit 5%? Or is this one of those "how long is a piece string" questions? Thanks for any help
  19. Is this increase a surprise? Those who got christmas jobs (which helped the figures stay down for 3 months) are now no longer needed and have been sadly dumped back onto the dole queue
  20. What "recovery" you daft fool? In other news turkeys vote for christmas 2011 to be cancelled Keep hoping A normal market hasn't even started yet. A normal market isnt driven by liar loans. Mortgages are a lot tougher to get and will stary this for a long time. A price correction is a normal market. Good to see the reporter yesterday on UTV news at 6 " If you are selling your house now and hope to get anything like you would have a few years ago, then you can forget it"
  21. Vendor 2 does have an extra bedroom than vendor 3 and a nicer house inside. Vendor 1 is on drugs
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