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  1. How narrow is that kitchen in the first house!!!
  2. I think you should count how many vases with twigs there are in the second house before you jump to any conclusions
  3. 19 thicko's who think the banks are just going to hand them whatever they want
  4. Close. I was told lastnight him and his mates bought into property a few years ago.
  5. My wife told me yesterday that someone from her work (who knows we are watching the market) told her "prices are creeping up" I aksed my wife to ask him how this is possible and he said "because it said so on the news and in the newspapers". Comments like this makes me think we are still in the "people are thick" stage. Can people not see whats going around them!
  6. My wife and i have saved a decent deposit and are adding to it each week. Working out the figures for a 140k semi in our area (plus insurance, maintenance etc) it would cost a fair amount and thats before IR have risen. What i dont understand is how these FTB that bought with 90% or 100% mortgages during the bubble are still surviving?
  7. Around the 145-150k for a decent area in the cityside (waterside is much cheaper). I viewed a house about 2 weeks ago. On for 150k. Looked like it hadn't been updated in over 20 years. Probably would have to spend 10k on it and i simply dont want to spend that type of money and put myself under pressure. As for EA - Judging by their valuations i think they live in cloud cuckoo land. Regarding sold prices, i dont think EA would ever give you that info. Not the ones i have asked anyway.
  8. Some EA's seem to be living in another world! Just today in my area a house has been put on for £155,000 Its in the same sytreet where i viewed a much nicer house which sold for £129,950. Another on the same street went for £135k. Both in the past 2 months. There is another listed at offers around £130k. So what makes the EA value this one at £155k? Its not a patch on the house that went for £129,950.
  9. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-12757552 Jobless total up again
  10. Can you come to my area and set up your business? All the other EA around here seem blinkered at the moment.
  11. I know this is a tough question to answer but take it as an average for NI - how far from the bottom are we in your view? 10%, 20%, more?
  12. Did John Minnis sponsor this article? So he says "we have reached the bootom" but then says "the only way we will know if prices have bottomed out or not is when they start to go up again" No John, mortgage aprrovals are nose diving.
  13. I have only just rang an EA (mostly out of curiosity). They have a house sitting for just over 2 years at offers over 170k. I asked if the vednor would budge on the price. No she said. He has a long tern tennant living in it and the venodr paid more for it than 170k. I said that one just up the street exactly like it but which is more private (enlosed rear) is on for 150k! The EA didn't take much notice when i said the property market has changed dramtically. Its this mindset of EA and vendors which will take some shitfing
  14. Average around here (North West) is 150k - 170k for anything decent. This hasn't changed for what seems an enternity! So whats holding them up? I think its a lack of supply of good houses in a good area. Anything i see of this nature is gone within a few weeks. Rising unemployment/threat of loosing a job doesn't seem to be putting people off. Have the government cuts even started yet? IR may rise but not at the level which is going to cause any major issues for a few years yet. So whats going on?
  15. Hi Realistic. Quick question. Is an 'Agreement in Principle' worth the paper its written on. I mean do EA take much notice of them?
  16. fEB 2011 RICS report http://www.rics.org/site/download_feed.aspx?fileID=8970&fileExtension=PDF More or less what they said last month Northern Ireland Aidan Conway MRICS, P Andrews Chartered Surveyors, Londonderry, Londonderry, 2871263635 - There has been an increase in interest from first time buyers although high deposits are still restricting mortgage availability. (They can look but they cant buy) Bronagh Boyd MRICS, Digney Boyd Ltd., Newry, Co Down, 028 30 833 233 (nothing but repo's are selling) - There has been increased interest from private investors, purchasing mostly repossessed properties. Rental returns are on the increase, with increased demand. Some large detached houses have sold at reasonable market values. Harold Montgomery FRICS, Montgomery Finlay & Co., Enniskillen, Co Fermanagh, 028 6632 4485 - Negative:1. Job security 2. Available (No-one is buying and nothing is selling) finance. Tom Mcclelland FRICS, Mcclelland Salter, Lisburn, Co Antrim, 028 92674121 - Appears to be a 3 tier market, new build selling reasonably well if asking prices are keen. Repossessions selling at distressed price levels and the resale market slow (only keenly prices houses are now selling)
  17. Did he say that when he was making his millions?
  18. This poses a question.....do the EA come up with a valuation but are pressured by the vendor to value it higher?
  19. I think the average wage is 23k before tax (i might be wrong though) £3000- £3500 a month after tax is very good for NI
  20. Property Pal or Property News? No contest. Property Pal is much better
  21. Thanks for the info. From now on when dealing with this particular EA i'll be a lot firmer. Its the same EA that set me up with a viewing for another house. I went and viewed and when speaking with the vendor she told me "she wasn't in a great rush to sell and wasn't bothered if the house sold or not". Another example of my time being wasted
  22. Well i called to the vendors house lastnight. Not because i missed out on his house (there will be plenty of others to look at) but because i wanted to know if the EA was messing me about. He said he didn't have to be out in a matter of weeks. He also said basically he would have taken the first offer he got (which was 124k). He aksed me if i was interested in the house and when i said yes he didn't even ask me if i would beat the offer. Now if that was me and someone claled to my house i would have asked them to beat the offer. According to him though he wasn't selling the house as a "money making exercise" One thing he did say is that he thinks the EA pushed the "cash buyer" as the EA had sold the "cash buyers" house a matter of days ago. He thinks the EA had planned all along to get two sales down in quick time. It still pisses me off that the EA didn't even consider getting a higher bid from me. Maybe they look down on FTB these days. How times have changed eh?
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