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  1. Funny how the media always take the VI's word for it that bank holidays or sunny weather had an effect
  2. Are the guests EA, surveyors etc?
  3. Im seeing loads of drops in my area this week. In one development its seems sellers are trying to beat each other with a lower price and they still cant sell! Its great seeing it happen 600 for me
  4. The prices falls for the next month or two will probably be blamed on this new volcanic cloud coming from Iceland
  5. You have to laugh at these people. Hope for what? Higher house prices so people take on more and more debt?!!!! And other! This is the importnant part of the report. Do you think the report would have started off with this vital information.....no it started off by telling us house sales had gone up (by about a whopping 200 since the last quarter) I wonder how many houses the authors own between them?
  6. My mother couldn't believe how honest this guy was. Maybe he was fed up with vendors who think its still 2006?
  7. My parents are thinking of moving house. Kids all grown up now and flown the nest so the house is a bit too big for them. My mum seen a house she liked in an EA window so called in to ask the price as it was POA She was talked out of buying it by the EA who said it needed 50k worth of work done to it and wasn't great inside. Asking price was 230k, someone offered 220k and it was refused! Anyway my mum couldn't get out of the palce for 40 minutes as the EA kept her chatting about houses in general. She told me that not one other person had come in in that time. The EA told her that things are going to get much, much worse this year. My mum mentioned me as a FTB and he said i was in a great postion and i should hold on a while yet before buying. So for that reason im out.
  8. I searched but cant see many at all? Here is the past 2 weeks (10 in total) http://www.propertypal.com/search?pt=residential&st=sale&beds=1&age=14&min=20000&max=900000&sta=3&sty=1&sty=2&sty=3&sty=10&sty=4&sty=5&sty=6&sty=7&sty=8&sty=9&=&q=Derry+City+Area&radius=0
  9. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-13207148
  10. IR to rise, banks not lending, unemployment in NI keeps going up, Stormont cuts haven't even kicked in (have they even agreed a budget yet?)....yet the Bel Tel thinks the only was is up
  11. People keep paying those stupid prices though
  12. Viewed a house lastnight. It was on for 140k. It was very dated inside and the guy selling it (it was his fathers house but he passed away last year) told me it would need 20k spent on it. It needs double glazing for a start. Whole place needs painted, new carpets, new bathroom and a new kitchen. The funny thing is though about 2 months ago i also viewed a house directly across the street. This would only need a lick of paint and nothing else. Its on for the same price and had been sitting for months!!! Did the estate agent selling the house i viewed lastnight not do his homework? I mean ffs! Whats with the asking price? The vendor could have set the price buy judging by this particluar estate agents other valuations i think thats unlikely.
  13. I dont know much about the market in Portstewart at the moment but i did live there for 4 years will i attended Coleraine Uni. The only lodgers i think she will attract are students. Its got a massive student population. Has she checked out if the neigbouring houses will be let to students? What happens if she cant get a job in one of the local schools?
  14. Anorther great deabte on UTV lastnight (10.30) This time about jobs. As usual it was all talk from those in Stormont David McNarry "I have been speaking to people who have lost £60,000 off their homes" Was that 60k off bubble prices David?
  15. Thanks for that. Its funny isnt it.....JD provides every day examples of why the market will fall further. While the EA can only say he has been busy. He also said he had 21 sale agreed this week, 18 last week and 12 the week before that. If thats true then it would be interesting to see how many actually sell
  16. The only bottom Nolan should be worried about is his own!
  17. That reminds me..... My local paper, The Derry Journal, often has half a page showing new builds for sale. During the bubble years it was 2 sometimes 3 full pages. Last week had the usual houses (always the same new builds) were for sale and also a headline "Confidence Returns to the Market". Now i dont buy this paper but my dad does and he said "it seems the market is improving" I ask him why and he showed me the 5 paragraph article. It was a survey done by Zoopla.co.uk What made me laugh is that it stated "this figure is down on last year when 80% thoight prices would rise" It was no doubt a ploy by those selling the same new builds to try and convince would be buyers to get in quick or miss the boat.
  18. Unemployment continues to climb http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-13060173
  19. Those bad people in the media are holding back price rises
  20. UTV news at 10.30 lasnight had an election debate shouting match with SF,UU,DUP and SDLP focusing on the economy. These are the some of the people in charge of our economy They are clueless
  21. I would love to know their reason for doing that
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