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  1. Or is there something more to this? 10 houses (advertised by the same EA in Derry) go 'Sold' in one day. http://www.propertypal.com/search?pt=residential&st=sale&beds=3&age=7&min=70000&max=900000&sta=4&sty=2&sty=3&sty=10&sty=4&sty=5&sty=6&sty=7&sty=8&sty=9&=&q=Derry+City+Area+Londonderry&radius=0&sort=updatedHigh
  2. David McNarry MLA was on BBC Newsline yeaterday talking about the 5,000 'ghost homes'. He said Stormont needs to do something about them. What exactly? He isnt proposing to use taxpayers money is he?
  3. The last house sold in my area by an EA was around 5 weeks ago. Yet EA are still valuing houses too high. Some of the EA have their nose in the rental market. Others dont. So how are those not in the rental market surviving? Average asking price is around 150k for something decent. How low the vendors will go from this asking price is anyones guess but i bet most wont go too much lower. It just seems no-one is in a rush to sell. And thats a major advantage in their favour.
  4. The graffiti on one of the citys main tourits attractions is a disgrace. The council should be removing it as soon as its painted on. The wasters doing the painting would soon get fed up doing it.
  5. Thsts my point. No proof to back up his/her claims and no wonder if they based it on such a samll number of sales. Reading the papers article you would think we are back to 2006 again.
  6. My local, Derry Journal, has always had a ramping article or two but fridays took the biscuit. I couldn't believe my eyes when reading fridays edition. On the property pages (well one page actually as nothing is selling around here) they had the headline "North West housing market on the up, up, up" On the page were a few houses for sale by various EA but included was an article which talked about the lastest RICS survey of how sales were improving. To conclude the paper stated that prices in the area had risen by £40,000 since last summer! 40k???? What a bold statement and it wasn't even backed up by any proof! I did another check today on propertypal and the last house sold by any EA in this city was June 14th. Its ridiculous the things papers will print in realtion to the property market. I have emailed the editor to ask him to give me the contact details of the estate agent reporter who wrote the article as i'd like to ask him/her how they came to the conclusion that prices here had risen 40k in a year. I wont hold my breath for a reply though
  7. I see some family members employed as researchers. What exactly do these people do?
  8. In my area not one EA has sold a house since the middle of June. EA and sellers are being stubborn. The biggest factor which could well change this is a rise in IR. When is this going to happen though?
  9. Which section of the forum are you on? That might give you a clue. Anyway back to report.....Helen Carson will no dobut have a field day with this
  10. The labour woman "It was a global economic crisis...it all started elsewhere....Labour didn't go on a spending spree...blah...blah...blah" The usual ploy of Labour blaming everyone else John Redwood dared to suggest Labour didn't regulate the banks in the UK and spent, spent and spent some more.....cue the audience turning on him It seems the public still haven't got it
  11. It would be "exceptionally good" if EA and sellers got real and lowered their prices. Selling 10 lower priced houses is better than hoping to sell one overpriced house. What exactly are sellers holding out for? 2006 prices? Whats going to fuel it? Picked up so much they close one of their offices
  12. Doccyboy if you find a link to her blog can you post it please.
  13. Update on the house in my orginal post. Its status is now at "Open to offers"
  14. RICS from 2009. Even back then they were using the phrase "the market has bottomed out" http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/business/business-news/northern-ireland-house-prices--fresh-signs-of-stability-14404969.html
  15. Is this a case of the vendor getting impatient? Wanting their property to get noticed perhaps?
  16. Over the past few weeks i have seen an increasing number of houses showing as "updated" on PP In my experience of PP this usually means a price reduction. However im seeing more and more which are showing no change in price but showing as updated. Can anyone explain this? What exactly has been updated?
  17. Invest NI jobs creation criticised in north west Yet asking prices here remain silly
  18. They also had two repeats on yesterday of Escape to the Country. One on BBC1 and the other on BBC2
  19. Every week there are around 500 price drops yet the VI keep telling us we have reached the bottom
  20. I haven't seen it yet so thanks for posting
  21. This house is on my shortlist but i wouldn't buy at anywhere near that price. This morning it was put as Sale Agreed but 1 hour ago its gone back to For Sale again Someone change their mind or a mess up by the EA? http://www.propertypal.com/31-larkhill-cityside/141629/statistics
  22. Its examples like this which makes the PropertyPal "insight" tab so valuable!
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