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  1. Im not putting the boot into the guy, im just wondering why he made the switch from politics to economics? I thought he was excellent on the Politics Show
  2. Jim Fitzpatrick ,Economics and business editor - i thought he was the BBC NI political man? Is he qualified in some way to tell us the ins and outs of the NI economy?
  3. This makes my blood boil. If FTB want to purchase then whats stopping them from saving for a few years?!!! I do it! What the hell is another 100 sales going to do? The market is on its ****. Just another exmaple of money being wasted by the clowns on the hill
  4. Doesn't say much for the BBC then if they bring him on to tell people whats happening with prices
  5. Caught the tail end of him on BBC Breakfast this morning. Obviously a VI for high house prices the way he was speaking. No idea who he is though? And why do the BBC insist on interviewing these people? Are the BBC not meant to be impartial
  6. They should change their name to InvestBelfast
  7. 108k after you said you would reduce to 98k. Better hope they dont see this thread
  8. If its over in the Waterside mate dont worry i'll not touch it Im only looking in the Cityside All the best with it! EDIT: My mate had SA on a repo but a few days later someone else came in with a higher offer
  9. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-14718843 BBC Property ladder stories. Do these people have brains? They are stuggling to save any money due to the high cost of living. Yet it seems they are prepared to take on a huge debt (mortgage). Have they stopped and thought for one minute that the cost of living will continue to rise, What if IR rise? What if one of them looses their job? What about an emergeny fund to cover any repairs to their house? What about having a years mortgage repayment saved incase the sh*t hits the fan? If they are struggling to have any spare cash now then why the rush to take on a mortgage? And they think, on the back of this, the bank should lend them whatever they ask for!
  10. UTV news lastnight at 10.30pm. On their 'business brief' section they said 28% of those that took out a mortgage since 2005 are now in negative equity.
  11. Here is someone utterly clueless Yet this idiot wants a bank to give him a mortgage
  12. I wonder how long this thread will take to end up on MSE? Threads of this nature usualy do. There is always some muppet who will link it
  13. European city of culture reachable by bus or car http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-14550900
  14. Seriously what is it with the Bel Tel? I mean who the f**k wants to read up on a profile about an EA? Are peoples lives really that dull?
  15. Both in nice areas. However the houses weren't cleaned and had stuff laying all over the place. Do vendors not care what state their house is in? Does it take that much effort to tidy up a pile of clothes? Make a bed? Clean the dishes? Give the bathroom a once over? Open a widnow and let some air in? I would have thought that with nothing selling vendors would at least tidy the place!
  16. A riots a riot. Doesn't matter what causes it. If it puts peoples lives and businesses at risk then it needs dealt with.
  17. In NI water cannons and plastic/rubber bullets are used straight away. In these riots there is no looting. Violence towards the police yes but no looting In Londion there is violence against the police and widespread looting so why aren't plastic/rubber bulltes used and the water cannons deployed?
  18. Sammy and co to the rescue! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-politics-14436656
  19. Look at the first comment by Alan Brooke. I wonder what he is on?
  20. You would think he would read the BBC website before spouting crap..........
  21. House sales rise at a time when they exepcted to rise
  22. Those houses on the Skeoge Rd. Are they social or private? As for the black market.....it must be booming. Why else do i see new Golfs everywhere!
  23. No i didn't read it. Its always been like that and i doubt it will ever change. Yet i despair at the asking prices around here. Where are people getting the money?
  24. Probably no chance. I remember asking one estate agent about a house i saw. It was lsited as 'Sale Agreed'. I asked her what price it had gone to this stage at and she told me she couldn't tell me this info as its confidential
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