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  1. Here is the house..... http://www.propertypal.com/18-farmhill-foyle-springs-derry/181444
  2. Any idea how much Stormont are putting into this? How can they suddenly find a few million? Opps i forgot it is Belfast afterall
  3. Jamie Delargy piece on UTV live at 6 yesterday. Both him the news presenter kept painting the picture of the 'poor hardworking homeowner' who was feeling the effects of the housing situation in NI. Not a mention of why prices were good for FTB. It was stomach churning listening to it Not one mention of why low prices were good. Well i shouldn't expect anything else should i
  4. Just my input from the North West. Average asking price for soemthing decent - 3/4 bedroom, nice enough but not huge garden, nice area - 140k. My shortlist on propertypal is around 20 houses and only one has gone sale agreed. That was last week. So houses are selling under 140k but these are mostly in council estates (around the 70k mark) and hardly anything selling over 140k. Houses over 200k are just not shifting at all. I check daily so i do see what is selling and whats not.
  5. Thanks. I see on BBC's 6.30 coverage of the NAMA and NI mortgage market that they wheeled out a Professor (cant mind his name now but somwonw to do with the quartley UU report). He said we were close to the bottom. Again he wasn't questioned on his remarks and didn't give any evidence to back them up.
  6. Could you post a link to where you sent your complaint? I'd like to do the same. Thanks
  7. Can you ask them why high house priuces are a good thing because thats what they are basically saying!
  8. How is this newsworthy? It didn't even break down the sales figures. Just gave us a load of % and we are expected to take his word for it?
  9. How did they run the story? What was their headline? Plenty of spin?
  10. I buy the Journal every week. They never seem to report on an index or report which is negative. Just look at them trying to spin the University report. "Sales up and rate of decline slowing" If the Halifax or Nationwide show a positive then they jump on it. I suppose they are keeping the estate agents happy as they pay for asvertisement space. There was no mention of this report in tuesdays edition so i dont see why they have it on their website?
  11. Derry building firm shuts after 50 years http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-foyle-west-15874184
  12. Very good viewing. Like someone said there wasn't much new for posters on here but hopefully its hit home with the sheeple. It was refreshing to see a programme which didn't roll out EA or builders and tell us things were on the up, we have hit the bottom etc. I did feel sorry for the guy resgined to loosing his home. I don't like seeing people in this situation. However does he honestly expect the taxpayer to bail him out?
  13. So house prices are still falling yet the BBC believe a rise in sales by a whopping 71 is a sign of an 'improving' market
  14. The A6 should get upgraded with some of that money. Its a disgarce of a road linking NI's two biggest cities Why dont you get out of your cosy office in Belfast and take a drive along Omagh, Strabane and Derry and tell people that? The jobs created when building this road and the investment that would have come with this road would have had an enormous impact on this region
  15. The amount of messing about by members of certains parties in Stormont. IMO these people had no intension of spending any money on this vital road link. Dithering fools It wont be West of the Bann eh Sammy? It would have been better than the ridiculous Titantic Quarter development anyway
  16. Gloria De Piero - did she really say that she was proud to be British because the world had turned to Gordon Brown to solve the worlds economic financial problem? And the audience applauded her
  17. The EA begins by giving examples of prices from Nelson Drive, Carnhill and Shantallow. All these areas are made up of council houses. Probably about 25% are actually bought. I wouldn't buy a house in any of those places. As for selling so many houses? I wonder how many he sells over 140k. I could check on Property Pal but i know for a fact he wouldn't be selling many over 140k He said there is a house for 47k. Thats in Ballmagortay!!!! I wouldn't take it in there for free (no harm to anyone who lives there) Good to hear some very bearish comments being read out.
  18. Looking forward to this being reported on UTV/BBC news tonight....oh wait.....
  19. Well no point in them moving West because there are little jobs
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