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  1. Is every post you mnake from now on going to include something about your change of thinking regarding house prices?
  2. What do they mean by "normal" mortgage funding? 100 or 125% mortgages? Liar loans? Giving money to poeple who will struggle to pay it back?
  3. http://www.belfastmedia.com/home_article.php?ID=2246
  4. Good question. I dont have the answer though. Maybe someone does?
  5. After all recent moaning by the CML have the FSA caved in to them by putting on hold their idea to make lending rules more strict? According to the Daily Mail they have? EDIT: Just seen a thread on this topic
  6. Probably a stupid question but whats an "early stage development"
  7. I like some of the comments posted about the article
  8. Living in Derry i cant understand asking prices either. The North West has always topped the unemployment table. There is a severe lack of investment for a city this size. Banks aren't lending like they used to yet someone wants 320k for the house in my original post. Is it any wonder its being up for sale for 3 years
  9. There are some nice houses nicely priced in the Waterside area but as you say the cityside asking prices are a joke. Time for people to wake up
  10. Heres is one. http://www.propertypal.com/1-springham-park-off-northland-road-lderry/7883 House on the market for 36 months. They reduced one week in 2008 by 10 grand and put the 10 grand back on again the week after. By the way this house is right next to a very busy road (right side of the picture which you cant see). The house isnt on its own plot of land (the first picture seems to give that impression) but its in a street with around 10 other houses. I drive by it every day after work and always glance over to see if the sign has changed. If something doesn't sell in that time why wont they reduce? Maybe they aren't that fussed in selling? Imagine they are in a chain!
  11. And most of those would just be posters from here having a nosey
  12. Whats the chances of the new FSA rules coming in and when are they supposed to be coming in?
  13. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-11713255 When will it sink in with the sheeple though?
  14. And how long is that going to take!
  15. Does the Property Pal "insight" tool show the rateable value? If so then it was valued at 210k in 2005. Now on the market for around 135k http://www.propertypal.com/1-temple-park-derry/124374
  16. Its a bit too close for me http://www.propertypal.com/25-castlewarren-road-dunamanagh/128934
  17. Her crappy series on doing up houses on the cheap begins again this week.
  18. So if banks start lending prices will go up and that means FTB taking on even more debt. Brilliant Mr.Girling Whereas if they just needed a 5% deposit they could spend the rest on the house and who cares about the extra 40, 50 or £60,000 grand added to their mortgage.
  19. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-11663762 DUP leader Peter Robinson civil service pay freeze call
  20. Gloom for who you moron! Not those wanting to buy anyway
  21. Note the word Significantly Is he reading the Express too much?
  22. What a stupid thing for him to say. Cameron should gag this idiot
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