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  1. As you know Doccy i went sale agreed a few week ago. Should have the mortgage sorted by end of next week. Then its up to the solicitor to get the finger out.

    My wife was wanting to buy as soon as we got married in 2010. I showed her this site and she said wait 6 months. Thankfully she waited longer and we got a house at under RV in a good area. Thanks HPC

  2. Folks,

    IWe viewed a house a couple of weeks ago which ticked a lot of our boxes (about 90% of them) and we were thinking about putting in an offer. It needs minimal cosmetic work but we could move in right away. The asking price is slightly above RV, but I reckon that given the current market conditions, and also the fact that the agent/vendor has probably (hopefully) priced the property with the belief that there will obviously be negotiation in a so called buyers market, I believe it could be purchased at or very close to RV which we could comfortably afford in terms of mortgage etc.

    No harm in making an offer and see what they say.

    I went sale agreed a couple of weeks ago on a house that was (when first on the market) asking 15k over RV. They ended up accepting 16.5k under RV.

  3. 2.6 our combined wage. Nice area close to a good primary school if we ever have kids. Was an elderly persons home so the decor isnt great but thats easily fixed. Private back yard and no other house looks in from the front. I had watched the house for around 2 months and it reduced twice in that time so we then went for it. Got it a few pound less than they wanted from their last reduction.

    When i first joined this site a few years ago i was reassured by certain posters like doccyboy that prices would fall and they have. Just like to say thanks to everyone on this site for the great advice they give day after day. It has certianly saved me from buying an overpriced house.

  4. Yet more evidence of a BBC editor who is essentially a VI: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-northern-ireland-17982513

    "'Signs of hope' in Northern Ireland housing market" as top story on the website, for a shitty RICS report.

    Small rise in transactions but the most important thing to people on both sides of the fence is prices going up or down. In this case they are down yet the editor comes up with that heading for the story. :rolleyes:

  5. Parents got their house valued lastnight as they are looking to downsize as its only them left in it.

    EA told them prices are now back to 2004 prices. He 'thinks' prices will bottom out at end of this year or start of next year.

    My dad asked him if much was selling. The EA said no and this was due to surveyors. They come from outside the city (Derry), dont know the area or the people and value the house at less than that of the EA. This means the banks wont lend enough so people can match or get close to the asking price :rolleyes:

    I wish i had been there to ask him why he prices houses too high then?

  6. 10,000 new homes earmarked for Derry


    Ten thousand new homes have been earmarked for Londonderry, the Environment Minister Alex Attwood has revealed.

    The Minister stated that Londonderry currently has a generous supply of development land when asked by Foyle MLA Pat Ramsey for details of the new Area Plan for Derry City Council.

    Responding to Mr Ramsey’s query about when the plan would be completed, Mr Attwood said that until a new plan was prepared “the existing plan continues to be a material consideration past its stated end-by date”.

    Mr Attwood said: “At present Derry has a generous supply of development land, with existing permissions and housing zonings providing potential for 9,973 dwellings in Derry City and 1,750 dwellings in the District’s remaining settlements.”

    Would these houses be private or social?

  7. Derry mortgage adviser Gareth Flanagan banned and fined


    A Londonderry-based mortgage adviser has been banned and fined £95,200 by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) for mortgage fraud and regulatory failings.

    Gareth Flanagan has been banned from working in financial services for life.

    He was the sole owner and director of GMF Marketing Services Limited, a small independent financial advice firm.

    He was found to have submitted eight mortgage applications to lenders in his own name, containing false information.

    The fraud took place over a two-year period between December 2005 and November 2007.

    The false information Mr Flanagan, with an address at Racecourse Road in Londonderry, submitted related to income declarations, residential and employment details, and information about the purpose of the mortgage.

    Five of the mortgage applications were completed, and the funds obtained amounted to more than £1.3m.

    Tom Spender, the FSA's head of retail enforcement, said: "It is not acceptable for mortgage brokers to disregard the requirements and standards of the regulatory system, which were put in place to safeguard consumers and markets.

    "We have banned over 100 mortgage brokers in connection with mortgage fraud and we will continue to take strong action wherever we see this type of misconduct."

    He worked at Principle First. I took out a stocks and shares ISA with him a few years back.

    If he was up to no good then he only has himself to blame.

  8. So stamp Duty returns next week for Properties > £125k outside the Disadvantaged areas, and returns for everyone over £125k next year?

    Is that correct?

    I have already started to use this a stick to beat agents and sellers with in bids. (However I still needed to inform them of what Stamp Duty was and when it kicked in etc. They were obviously too busy making up fake bids to read up on the latest legislation to affect their industry)

    What is classed as a disadvantaged area?

  9. Mortgage lending has remained steady for the first two months of 2012, but is up significantly on the same time last year.

    According to the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML), February's gross mortgage lending was estimated at £10.7bn.

    The figure peaked just above January's lending of £10.65bn.

    However in an encouraging sign, last month's lending figure is up 14% on the February 2011 total of £9.4bn.

    umm you do know that GROSS does not reflect new lending?

  10. Typical Beltel crap. Of all the new articles added today, guess the only one to have comments disabled?

    You guessed it THE ONE ON PROPERTY.

    This excuse for a newspaper is getting worse. The pro-property agenda is making me ill.


    So Helen is back! :rolleyes:

    A few extra sales and she thinks a 'recovery' is underway. :lol:

    But wait Helen, prices still falling? Lets brush over that by quoting 4 EA who tell us the bottom is close and now is a good time to buy.

    Deja vu anyone?

  11. Hopeful that someone will come in and gazump the very valuable and desirable house???

    Now you mention it the house has been sitting for months now. Perhaps this is a tactic to make someone put in an offer (on a ghost offer)

  12. Have you got the feelgood factor?

    The reality is......................

    Robinson targets 'negative media' for 'talking Northern Ireland down'


    The first minister said he accepted the media's right to report bad economic news, but argued that they had a responsibility to give the full picture.

    "Too often the media are the purveyors of doom and gloom. In turn, despondency became a self-fulfilling prophecy," he said.

    The first minister set out a series of positive stories from Northern Ireland.

    He said:

    Northern Ireland's unemployment rate is the lowest of any country in the United Kingdom.

    Northern Ireland consistently out performs other UK regions in national exams at age 16 & 18.

    In 2011 at £12.4bn, even with exports to the Republic of Ireland falling, the value of manufactured goods we sold outside Northern Ireland recovered to virtually their pre-recession level and sales to Great Britain hit a new record.

    Belfast has the third highest level of GVA in the United Kingdom, behind only London and Edinburgh.

    Research and Development, which is crucial to the development of our economy, increased by 6% last year to £344m.

    After London, Belfast is the most attractive city in the UK for Foreign Direct Investment, particularly in technology and financial services.

    Belfast is now among the top 10 cities globally for financial technology investments ahead of Dublin, Glasgow, Toronto and even Bangalore!

    One he forgot.


    for balance

    UK economy shrank 0.2% revised data confirms


    We should all move to Belfast. Sounds like a great place

  13. Who decides the value of a house? EA or vendor?

    Some of the rubbish coming on for sale in my area (North West is valued at 80k to 100k. These same EA are selling virtually nothing yet the prices on their webiste do not reflect the house at all.

    If ist the vendor then should EA not be having a quiet word?

  14. BBc 5 0clock news radio ulster. Conor Cooke director ups v Alan Bridle Bank of Ireland - presented as 2 experts.

    Connor - confidence is back, appetite is back, sales up, viewings up - viewings into the thousands - can barely cope, affordability, run off their feet, but would like to see more finance and 95% deals.

    So thousands of viewings but he still wants 95% mortgages. Why is that? None of your viweings turning into actual sales then?

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