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  1. Well done on the purchase because i dont think prices are going to fall much more. Its only natural to think "what the [email protected]@k have i done" when you have just bought for the first time. If you are not planning to move in a while then dont worry about being in NE
  2. As you know Doccy i went sale agreed a few week ago. Should have the mortgage sorted by end of next week. Then its up to the solicitor to get the finger out. My wife was wanting to buy as soon as we got married in 2010. I showed her this site and she said wait 6 months. Thankfully she waited longer and we got a house at under RV in a good area. Thanks HPC
  3. No harm in making an offer and see what they say. I went sale agreed a couple of weeks ago on a house that was (when first on the market) asking 15k over RV. They ended up accepting 16.5k under RV.
  4. Put your details into http://www.moneysupermarket.com/mortgages/
  5. 2.6 our combined wage. Nice area close to a good primary school if we ever have kids. Was an elderly persons home so the decor isnt great but thats easily fixed. Private back yard and no other house looks in from the front. I had watched the house for around 2 months and it reduced twice in that time so we then went for it. Got it a few pound less than they wanted from their last reduction. When i first joined this site a few years ago i was reassured by certain posters like doccyboy that prices would fall and they have. Just like to say thanks to everyone on this site for the great advice they give day after day. It has certianly saved me from buying an overpriced house.
  6. Seems to me you are basing prices now compared to the height of the bubble? I wouldn't go by prices which were inflated like something not seen in these shores before (and probably wont ever again)
  7. Its the Express. Not a week goes by that this rag doesn't spout this kind of nonsense. You only have to take a look at who owns the paper to see why. I wouldn't get worked up over it
  8. Small rise in transactions but the most important thing to people on both sides of the fence is prices going up or down. In this case they are down yet the editor comes up with that heading for the story.
  9. Parents got their house valued lastnight as they are looking to downsize as its only them left in it. EA told them prices are now back to 2004 prices. He 'thinks' prices will bottom out at end of this year or start of next year. My dad asked him if much was selling. The EA said no and this was due to surveyors. They come from outside the city (Derry), dont know the area or the people and value the house at less than that of the EA. This means the banks wont lend enough so people can match or get close to the asking price I wish i had been there to ask him why he prices houses too high then?
  10. He worked at Principle First. I took out a stocks and shares ISA with him a few years back. If he was up to no good then he only has himself to blame.
  11. On that list i can see one area called Culmore (in Derry) Most of the houses up there are would be asking 150k to 180k+. I've no idea why that's on the list?
  12. What is classed as a disadvantaged area?
  13. Got a database/SQL error telling me it was my computer that was the issue.
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