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  1. The usual troll comments by "pester_john", full of warmth for his fellow man. Would not be surprised at all if that guy was Sibley.
  2. Apparently one of Cameron's biggest regrets is not introducing HTB sooner. Ft item covering a report by Shelter on HTB (via google): https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=site%3Aft.com+help+buy+pushes+prices Or direct link: http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/fdbb8a00-5dfe-11e5-9846-de406ccb37f2.html Nothing most people on here didn't know already but nice to see it in the MSM.
  3. You'll be Peter starting at 26:00 then. Well played Sir. Peter: "Are people suggesting on this program that if you're in difficulties you should always have forbearance? In that case, how would prices fall?" NC: "Anyone?" Tumbleweed..........
  4. Eight words which together make the most succint description of the UK political system this site is ever likely to see.
  5. Yes, this is the most likely scenario. MS must surely be wise to this tactic by now though. Surprisingly not all govt IT these days is hopeless, the alphagov stuff on github looked interesting last time I had a quick browse.
  6. Yes, thats a good point. I still think interest rates that low for that long are harmful in themselves though. Is there any real point going below...(pulls number out of ar*e)...2%? Surely into diminishing returns by the time we're down past a certain point? Of course I must remember that we only care about people with "jumbo mortgages" and a certain entity that needs to borrow circa 120Bn next year.
  7. Great question, I'm sure there's a perfectly good explanation they just haven't quite got around to giving it yet what with all the vigilance over asset prices that they aren't concerned with. If five years of ZIRP isn't harmful why haven't we done it before? It's BS and everyone here knows it, but as per the Rothschild quote by interstate, the majority can't (dont want to) get their head around it. For extra comedy value we seem to now be getting forward guidance on the forward guidance
  8. I can understand having to give a couple days notice so they can make sure they have the cash on site. I can even see why they would try their luck being nosey, I.e. buying a car are we....we sell insurance you know. Telling someone they have to have a letter from the other person before they can have their money though? OK most people on here know that it was proven legally several hundred years ago that its no longer your money after you deposit it. That's not the same as needing an "acceptable" reason to call on your credit with the bank. For me, the quote at the end is a bit ominous too: With attitudes like that, how long now until cash is phased out? [edit for spelling]
  9. Here's a story about the police preparing for the brighter economic times ahead: Telegraph: Police bid for water cannon across Britain Just goes to show, it's locked in
  10. Not seen it posted yet..... Payday loans funding rent and mortgages, Shelter says Sounds about right. Needless to say though:
  11. Take the front door and mentally rotate it 90 degrees to get a rough idea how wide those houses are. Door is probably what, 6'6'' high? I'm assuming that the front door opens directly into the living room given it's position. If there is a separate hallway than the room next to it is going to be about 4' wide. I'd love to see the size of the furniture in the show home. I bet it's straight out of a dolls house.
  12. This raises two questions for me: 1 Why is this even possible in a developed country in the 21st century? 2 What are the church doing attempting to enforce it? Sure, it's the law but then it's technically legal to spear a Welshman after midnight in Worcester (or something like that). What a ridiculus law and shame on the church for trying to enforce it.
  13. @Pig If any of the parties guaranteed an immediate return to sensible salary multiples for mortgages, stop bailing out borrowers at savers expense and stop FLS, HTB and other such nonsense immediately then they'd get my vote. Even if they were big three and pro MASS immigration with Call Me Dave's shiny foundation covered forehead plastered all over it telling me it's the right thing to do. The reason those aren't on my "must have" list is that, to the best of my knowledge, nobody is currently offering it. If anyone can enlighten me to a party that is then I'm happy to be influenced
  14. That's an interesting point. I'm one of the guilty parties who clicked UKIP in the poll. I'm not a confirmed voter, I'm just fed up with mass immigration. Sorry if that offends anyone (and please save the who's really a native though? arguments, care factor zero). I must admit beyond their immediate anti EU message and my enjoyment of Farage EU parliament speeches on youtube, they don't hold any further appeal to me. For what its worth, here are my criteria for voting in the next election: Must haves: Not one of the big three Reduce (stop) immigration ASAP, not maybe have a vote possibly in x years time Awareness of difference between original common market idea and what we have ended up with re the EU Nice to have: Awareness of loose credit causing house price bubbles (is any party talking about this, if so it gets promoted) Does not spout meaningless (or just dangerous) stock phrases such as "get banks lending", "lock in recovery", "1 million jobs created" Perhaps I'd be better off with the Greens. I'd do a Brewsters Millions (none of the above) if there was the option though.
  15. Nick Clegg looks to allay fears that he may still be electable in any way: Nick Clegg delivers pro-EU message for 2014 Lock in that recovery Nick.
  16. I'm sure I saw a documentary on the rise of New Labour where Tony Blair made a point of courting Murdoch because he knew he needed the Sun to get elected. That second headline is a classic - manipulate the population and then pat yourself on the back for it. Nice people.
  17. Either that or hope that a sample size of 150 HPC posters closely maps to the voting practices of the general UK population
  18. Also, does this (rent payments on credit report) call time on the practice of witholding the last month's rent in lieu of the deposit? It's not something I've ever done myself but wouldn't be surprised if it was a fairly common course of action. Particularly after someone has been shafted for their deposit a couple times.
  19. I can remember a couple rentals that I would have given the keys back after a few weeks! I see your point though. What I'm trying (and failing) to illustrate is that the whole credit check thing and putting rent payments on credit reports are both unnecessary. You're not having credit so people like experian need to foxtrot-oscar and keep their noses out. That's IMHO, naturally .
  20. Agreed, I've long failed to see why tenants should be credit checked. Surely just a needless charade conducted by agents because (i) they can profit from it and (ii) it makes landlords think the agent is doing something they can't, i.e fake added value. Put it this way, if it involves a credit check or is recorded on the credit record then it should have to be subject to a consumer credit agreement (and regulated as such).
  21. Credit where it's due old boy, he's no mere estate agent! This chap works for... Obviously a cut above.
  22. Following on fom this and Austin Allegro's post, personally I think a lot of all this (HPI, HPC etc) comes down to the dual income argument applied to this lovely graph posted by Quicken on the fav charts thread: Many pro HPI people would like to think that the big gap between those lines (2001 ish onwards) and it's failure to repeat the cycle shown in the late 80s, is due to households now being dual income by default. The famous "new paradigm!!!" stage as it were. As many people on here have stated though, life isn't necessarily like that. Divorces, kids, lazyness etc all happen and maybe there was a reason banks used to only count one full income.
  23. Much as I dislike the phrase.....this ^ We all know that the general public want to believe, it's just a matter of what the Govt & BofE can do behind the scenes to keep the plates spinning. Can MBS purchases, swap lines, govt mortgage subsidies and all the other various mechanisms we've all read about be continued indefinitely? I do sense that public opinion is turning against HPI cheerleading though, in places
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