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  1. When we were buying ~18 months ago we put the room dimensions of each place we saw or were interested in into a chuffing great spreadsheet. That would show us the total space for the rooms (bedrooms, dining room etc), extras (loft, basement, utility, conservatory etc). Total floor area is only an approximation of space and knowing whether individual rooms were big enough was important to us.
  2. I bought about a year ago. Mortgage rates are so good at the moment that even if house prices were dropping £5k per year we'd be no worse off. I bet that interest rates would stay low for a couple of years and that would be enough to protect me from any likely nominal price fall.
  3. I still to this day haven't been able to work out why the Conservatives and Lib Dems formed a government rather than letting Labour do it or having another election. The British people don't want to see cuts and the ConDems are taking the heat for bringing them in. The only chances they have are that they can pull off a recovery in time for the next elections or that the public continue to think Ed Milliband is entirely inappropriate for the job of PM. An economic car crash in Greece if they refuse austerity is another possible winner for them. It's a bit like talking to a heavy smoker. You can tell them how much damage it is doing but it's too theoretical, happens to other people etc. However once the health issues start they change their mind. When a close friend dies of lung cancer they reconsider their mortality etc. Human beings need to face consequences clearly or see someone else do so to want to adjust behaviour.
  4. A thousand times this. At some point we'll be looking to get a larger place, spending in the region of £250-300k. In much of Europe, Australia, Canada and the US what you can have built for that money makes what you can get in the UK look like a joke.
  5. The issue is that all of those schemes are controversial. Road building is unpopular with enviromentally minded voters. HS2 is hated by core Tory voters near the route. Building new houses anywhere brings out NIMBYs and nuclear is a push button issue for many. If the government funded via supporting apprenticeships/training the building of 50k houses a year for 5 years it would provide thousands of jobs, make housing more affordable and deal with some of the public housing shortfall. It could invest some of the foreign aid budget into training for young unemployed people to go out to Africa etc and help build infrastructure/teach there.
  6. The landlord definitely didn't have the right to enter without permission for that reason. That said, I would ask how much your friend would benefit by making a big deal of it. Personally I would suggest reminding the landlord politely that they may only enter the property with your permission, that he realises that the landlord was just trying to get the boiler checked and he needs him to follow the correct procedure in future. There's no point getting the landlord on your wrong side without a very good reason.
  7. Here I was hoping for an insightful piece on how increased staffing improves customer satisfaction and would lead to improved performance; an argument similar to that made by the net promoter score school of thinking. Sadly it's a Daily Mail dross piece. Obviously supermarkets will see increased customer theft with self-checkouts. They'll have budgeted for it and still think it's worth the expense. Personally I prefer self checkouts and haven't felt the need to stoop to the level of using them for theft.
  8. Are you saying that you hold their ability to spell against them? If not then you're spelling of unpasteurised was particularly well timed.
  9. I'd be gone by now if it wasn't for my partner's reluctance. I can live with the tax, the services etc and there are so many things I love about Britain. I just can't abide the attitude of some many of the people. The dislike for foreigners, successful people, educated people; NIMBYism; Faux outrage about human rights while claiming that weekly bin collections should be one. The only thing I hate more than the stereotypical daily mail reader is the pond scum that we've allowed to live as parasites for so long, which I hate having in common with the aforementioned group.
  10. Surely she must of known that no one would be happy with her writing this unless she fully disclosed her tax details? There was no chance that giving a couple of topline figures was ever going to cut it. Personally I think requiring anyone to disclose their tax details is wrong. I think that people who want to propose it or campaign against tax avoidance should probably expect to publish their own details just to avoid claims of hypocrisy. What my neighbours earn or pay in tax is between them and HMRC and there is simply no need for me to be able to see it. If the government thinks that tax avoidance is an issue it should be simplifying the tax rules and removing loopholes.
  11. Exactly my view of what the current 50+ viewpoint seems to be. What's interesting is that I expected the idea of not giving pensioners everything, regardless of what they've earned, would remain unassailable for at least another 5-10 years. I was shocked to see some of the earliest questions on question time last week were highlighting that exact issue and getting some support. If you're going to pop your clogs in the next 5-10 years you'll have done very nicely. For people who will need the state to support them for longer than that I'd be worried. Anyone who is currently 50-60 needs to have a long hard think about just how much they are relying on the state to support them and whether it'll still be willing to in 10-15 years time if public sentiment changes.
  12. If you were young, educated, decent and hard working why would you stick around to fund those who aren't and the older generations who built up such a massive deficit? Either move to the continent and pay high tax to get decent services (France/Germany/Netherlands also Canada I suppose) or to a more recently westernised country where you'll pay less tax and buy world class services (Dubai, Brazil, China!?, Singapore).
  13. It's a difficult situation. On one hand I feel sorry for the buyers. They bought a property (and assuming the information in later posts is right) with no idea there was an issue like this hidden. I can fully understand why they expected that the between having a homebuyers report and insurance they'd be covered if something like this happened. That said, the insurer is right that this was a pre-existing issue. The homebuyer report isn't a full survey and almost certainly is worded to ensure the surveyor isn't liable. It turns out that someone who might reasonably believe they are protected in this situation isn't in practice, which is a problem. Firstly, the pre-existing issues terms are a real risk to home owners. Many major issues could easily be dormant/building over a decade without it being easy to detect them. People don't expect to find out that damage to their foundations isn't covered 8 years after they moved in because a tree started to damage them a decade ago (and aren't in a position to fight their insurer often). I'd be inclined to think there is a market for home insurance, which does cover pre-existing conditions, if there is a detailed enough independent survey. Secondly, if I was the new owner I'd be seriously considering a lawsuit against the seller or whomever produced the kitchen floor. I would expect any tradesmen to be liable. If the work was done by the previous owners they may well still be liable given the clearly unsafe and potentially life-threatening nature of the floor.
  14. In my direct experience the people who complain about ability not being related to promotions are the people who aren't being promoted. It's hardly surprising that, as most people believe they are worth more than they are paid, people persuade themselves that they would have done well if the system merited 'ability'. The most effective counter to this nonsense is the fact that an organisation that did promote people to roles they couldn't do and overpaid their senior staff by 500%+ could be effective in the marketplace. The only way this could be true is if no one ever set up a competitor that didn't do these things. The only way that this wouldn't have happened is some kind of universal conspiracy to stop it. The only way you'd believe that is to be nucking futs.
  15. Replace Alex Ferguson with a greyhound and United will still be near the top of the premiership. The only way they'll stay there is to have someone good at the helm. You're right that it's not, just, envy. There's plenty of ignorance as well. People who are either to stupid or lazy to understand anything about what it takes to effectively manage a company, let alone a company that employs 150,000 people, like to imagine they could do it when they aren't even remotely near capable.
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