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  1. People are beginning to realise there is not going to be enough oil to go round soon, wars, civil, between nations and race, starving people are dangerous, good job we can feed half our population, we'll be OK
  2. yes basically, the global population will fall, poverty, starvation and war
  3. Afraid its called a free market it isnt held thats why it goes up and down
  4. I'm afraid your right, in answer to what form the collapse will take, WAR
  5. +1 I like people trying to say peak oil is just a theory, a bit like saying if you stopped breathing you'll die is just a theory, oil will go through the roof, the last 2 years have been blighted for the oil industry, no one was drilling at all, now its coming home to roost, I dont know if this is the end of cheap energy, but it could be, and it will come and certainly within 10 years, still we have a fair amount of coal so hopefully i'll be pushing up daisies before people start turning to canibalism
  6. Perhaps the guys at work are different to the rest of the country, as they complain about the cost of petrol, when I tell them its going well over £1.30 a litre as the fuel incease rises and falls in the pound feed through to the price at the pumps, they just look at me as if I've spoken something "unspeakable".
  7. Oil has gone up by 10% in the last month, the pound has dropped by about 4% against the dollar, this will feed through to an "unexpected rise" in petrol and diesel to £1.35, the impact on the sheeple of GB will be in my opinion be huge, I firmly believe it will add 30 to 40 seats to the tory result,
  8. The tories will win the next GE, they have 2 years top to give the painfull medicine to the country, if they leave it longer people will remember it at the next GE, so during the first 9 months there will be a slow but steady rise in interest rates, the increase will continue untill about 2 years after they come into power peaking at about 8%, then slowly coming down in time for the next GE, house prices will fall for about 3 years with a recovery about mid term.
  9. The problem with NE is people have a strange attitude to selling at less than they paid for, especially over houses, shares are another example, people in NE wont move, as to sell admits they have "lost" money and people really hate that, there is also the fact that MEWing cant happen to swathes of people so money is withdrawn form the economy
  10. The sad bit is ,the level of ability for a lawyer and that of an accountant are in my opinion quite wide, and with universities producing about 10 times more law grads than there are actually positions for means by definition 90% are wasting their times, if she had done accountancy, then she'd probably be OK, but a 2.1 from a former poly against a first from an old uni like bit of a no brainer I'm afraid.
  11. In answer to your first question, one who is out of work, has little or no experience and would rather get experience whilst being poor, get experience, be known and possibly liked by an employer in their field, would you rather sit on your **** saying but I'm worth so much more than this. For the employer it shows who has real drive, costs them nothing, are they cashing in, that would be a yes then, but this is the new reality, far more people than places, I know a 2.1 grad in law 2008 who's progressed to being a part-time barmaid, back with parents, despirate for unpaid legal experience. In response to your last point some will say no, but far more will say yes, mindsets are changing quickly I left school in 1980, spent years in shiit jobs trying hard to get anyware, I feel so sorry for youngsters today, the disslocation between their expectations and reality is going to be utterly bewildering, I think it will fall hardest on the meedya studies- soft degree graduates, with worthless degrees and debts of £30,000, by the time they've paid off their debts they will be in their 30s, still living with mum and dad and wondering how the hell with a degree they ended up at Tesco's
  12. Yes dad, remember that if GB stays at the helm at the election thats another 20-30 tory seats,
  13. I did like cells comment "Iran is not stupid", I think you will find Iran incapable of thaught since it is a country. and cells can predict what the price of oil wont be, hmmm, $200 per barrel plus sounds highly likely to me, for the last 18months drilling has been dead, even wireline operations have been scalled back masively, Schlumbeger, Halliburton, Wetherford and Baker Atlas have all shed massive amounts of staff, so that oil price drop we had will now have to be paid for since the rate of extraction will have been adversly affected. Another point was using electricity as an alternative energy, generated by what, its only a way to transport energy, I really do dispair. How many oil wars have there been, humm the British in Turkey in 1917, the Japanese attack on the USA was after the Americans stopped the flow of oil to Japan, The German invasion of the USSR in 1941, and that was when there was enough to go around. Plus for us printy printy means our currency is worth less and less so $200 could be if the pound fell again to be more like $400 a barrel if the pound weakens still further against the dollar, £3 a litre within 3 years very likely, but dont forget the real impact £5 a loaf of bread £40 a Kg of rice £5 a jar of olives, why do peoply worry about the price of ipods?
  14. I've thaught a lot about why did they buy Man U, as the financial logic did not stack up, it only makes sence in a Grant Bovey way, simples, what you do is buy a massive Ltd company finance the purchase by gettting the company to pay for itself by borrowing a stinking great load of money which you give back to yourself and as owner give yourself an equally massive salery, you hace financed the company with debt that you never intend to pay off, all the time the company trades you make money, once it falls over you loose nothing as its a limited company, the banks that lent your company loose milions, how the hell can the banks be so daft.please if anyone who knows more about this correct me.
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