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  1. Or maybe poor hiring that resulted in the wrong sort of people.
  2. Nah, if you have no deposit you can't get a mortgage and can't buy (even if you have good income). This lets people buy who couldn't do normally. Reducing the price by 5% wouldn't have the same effect.
  3. I still don't get it. The Canada deal eliminated what, 99% of tariffs. How come they could get away with it without joining EEA? As I understand creating a FTA between two countries (or group of countries) is completely legal (and would look like frictionless trade).
  4. I don't think this is true. Otherwise every trade deal with a third country would automatically apply to all other third countries. So a deal with say Canada is a deal the whole world get. Which treaties forbid free trade deals between countries? Will Canada join the EEA?
  5. If it is taxed at source (PAYE) then you never see the money. So it doesn't feel so bad. If you are taxed after the money hits your account, then you are more likely to feel aggrieved that they are 'stealing' your money. Even more so if you have spent all your money that month and then the bill hits.
  6. Never said it was illegal. The point I am making is the government have made it so a ltd company is an attractive way to set yourself up if you are say an IT contractor. Nothing wrong with that at all. Nothing wrong with setting yourself up that way either. Clearly there are benefits beyond tax. So in this sense I have no problem. But the government can give and they can take. If they decide to make ltd companies less tax efficient nothing wrong with that either. If they decide that dividends or corporation tax should be 60% hey that's fine too. Whatever it looks like, it must be driving towards an end goal of whatever the government want to encourage. What I do not buy into is the idea that ltd company directors are owed tax breaks because of the risk of losing their job or risk of no contract. This has nothing to do with the government and everything to do with the contracts you sign. Unless the government want to encourage you to take this risk - then fine, offer tax breaks. The fact IR35 exists at all suggest the method is being abused by some people in a way the government didn't intend (note I expect this is aimed more at people who enter into dodgy convoluted agreements to avoid tax than your standard IT contractor).
  7. It is a tax incentive if people are setting themselves up this way only as a method to avoid paying tax. What other benefits does it offer your standard IT contractor above say joining an umbrella?
  8. Two different things. One is whether they have followed the rules. The other is whether anyone can be bothered to enforce them. Of course everyone should follow the rules and be penalised if they don't (though I would argue depends a bit on the exact circumstances). Whether anyone bothers to go around and do the all the required penalising, is a question of resource and priorities. I don't think I ever said they should be just let off, just that a department head has to think about where they deploy their resources and which battles are worth fighting
  9. Why are the two horrendous to compare if the comparison is that rules and regulations can change to suit whatever the government in power wants to promote or discourage? Why should the government provide tax incentives to encourage people to take roles you can be kicked out of in seconds? Surely the company doing the hiring should make the package attractive enough to attract people who will take on this sort of risk? By providing a tax incentive, the government is saying - we want more people to do this, we want to encourage it and make it cheaper for companies to bring in flexible labour. Fine, if that is part of the governments long term business strategy (hence why there is a debate to be had). But it should be a considered position, not just an unintended consequence of rules for other purposes
  10. Nothing to stop the rules and regulations changing though - after all they are ultimatly designed to promote or discourage behaviour. Just like BTL interest relief. There is obviously a debate to be had around whether the rules should change. What is bizarre is whether people who followed the rules should now be penalised....
  11. I do wonder why the remain campaign didn't focus on this exit bill. I don't remember this being made clear (just a generic we will be poorer). Did they not foresee this possibility? I would agree, if this was clear it may have swung the vote the other way. The leave campaign did a good job of having a big number and focusing on it - this could have helped remain
  12. For me, it is gambling if you are selling your primary residence at X in the hope of buying the same or better property at X-Y. If you are trying to time the market to get 'rich'. Nothing wrong with this, just don't come crying if the market doesn't correct as quickly or as much as you would like/need. I think it is a risky strategy myself - unless you are well enough off generally to recover if it does go wrong.
  13. Nah, did anyone lose any bank deposits in the last meltdown? Didn't the government even bail out islandic bank savers? Your money is probably safe (unless you are so rich you are exceeding the 75k deposit guarantee across multiple institutions - even then you probably know the right people so will be OK). Of course your money may only buy a fraction of what it did before hand, but I doubt the numbers on your statement would change much.
  14. Maybe. The anecdotal evidence I have suggests this isn't phasing anyone yet. When I suggest that the market is on the turn I get told no, it isn't, it is a temporary blip. Maybe more of these reports will start to filter through and change that sentiment.
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