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  1. They can't use your deposit to do up their house court isn't going to allow it. You should see what social tenants get away with.
  2. Oh, were we suppose to go out and spend today? totally forgot.
  3. Sterling crashed 30% that's a good deposit if you swapped £ for $ the night before the vote.
  4. What about buying a deprived property that'll become a desirable pokemonGo hotspot?
  5. The S21 is just a notice for you to leave, they're allowed to do what they want after you leave.
  6. The Canadians are trying to keep their bubble from bursting, I say let the foreigners go there. Housing bubbles all over the world Australia for example.
  7. Gold/Silver ETF's on the exchanges are the best way to trade it, although the risk is you'll get nothing when the economy collapses. As you know physical trade is slower, has an expensive transaction cost and can be stolen. The "benefit" is if the economy collapses then you "Might" have something people want to trade (unless everyone is starving to death then you'll wish you had brought a chicken). So if I had the precious metal bug then I'd trade ETF's with money on the exchange because I can take profits when the market is up and put those into physical by offering slightly more than the guys on ebay/gumtree when the market is down. This way I have the benefit of fast transactions and the end of the world insurance. If the world doesn't end then after 20 years I'll open a pm shop and sell everything for those crazy prices
  8. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/property/commercial/the-big-brexit-irony-foreign-property-buyers-will-pile-into-the/ Last month leaving would cause house prices to fall and now its time to scare the young voters away from the leave campaign, So now a Brexit will ironically make prices go up too! With a 50% 50% chance the "head of property" will always be right one way or another.
  9. £650k for lewisham... geeze I remember when 2007 had this crazy housing bubble, glad Dave & George fixed the economy and got it back on track.
  10. Cameron should go all the way and say Brexit could end the world.
  11. Put them on a closed bidding and get them to bid against themselves, see how they like a taste of their own medicine
  12. I wish I could draw a toilet shape
  13. I was under the impression we needed the TTIP to support our comrades in the east By giving them a monopoly on western trade. Although, Vietnam will probably descend into civil war ...maybe that's the plan after Syria? I don't know, madmen rule the world.
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