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  1. +1 I got totally p!ssed off with our corrupt & broken country this time last year and by December had found myself a job in Denmark. As a specialist I get a preferential tax rate of 26% so as long as I only enter the UK for less than 90 days I avoid having to pay the extra 24% back to HMRC. So add me to the list of 'rats' that have jumped ship leaving the rest behind to pay for all this and more including an obese publice sector with pensions to match.
  2. I'm a day rater that quit the UK last January. I work in Scandinavia, but as a general tip I would say watch out for the UK tax. Even if you pay 25% in Switzerland, expect to pay another +15% back in the UK if you don't stay out of the country for less than 90 days (it was defined to me as where I was at midnight, which roughly works out as 2 weekens home a month). Keep evidence of all flights back to UK incase the HMRC challenge you were out of the country.
  3. I made the move out of the UK in January. I am now paying 26% tax in Denmark and as long as I keep to the 90 day rule I will save myself having to make up the difference to the UK government and avoid the 40% and 50% rates. Happily getting paid in DKKs and keeping it out of the UK in a Danish bank. Next contract will be for a couple of years in Norway through which I will happily be paid in NOKs. So I will be sitting on the sidelines watching the £ crash. I wonder if we will ever know how many of us high earners have made the jump out of the UK and how much tax has been lost.
  4. I am so glad I got out of this country and my decision is just reinforced after seeing where my 50% tax was going. I was in the top 1% UK income bracket, but closed down my company and now work in Scandinavia, paying local taxes and my contribution to this wasteful state is just through council tax and some VAT. With our governments destroying the pound, I have seen my day rate increase by 6% when converting back to GBP since I signed my contract in December. What is it going to take for the 'X-factor_on_ice' generation to get off their arses and revolt? I couldn't see it happen so became
  5. I left the UK in January and not planning on working back in UK until at least 2013. I'm working in Scandinavia and saving to buy a property in the South of Spain to do just what you describe - Autumn to Spring in the Med and return to the UK for the Summers. Hopefully in 3 years time the property prices will be more realistic on the Costa del Sol.
  6. I had enough of the debt-is-wealth public, government, banksters & public sector fat cats and made the decision to close my UK Ltd. company down and work abroad to atleast 2012 and will keep all earnings out of the UK. So that is approx. 140k in VAT, Corporation Tax, income tax/year I will not be contributing and as I took a minimum salary for past 4 years so have a large lump sum after Entrepreneour Relief is taken. Now looking to move any savings out of the UK as well. As a prudent saver, I am now quite happy to watch from the sidelines while the correction takes place.
  7. I hit that stage half way through last year with our shameless governments & society. I am in the process of closing my Limited company down taking the benefits of Entrepeneurs Relief, and in the next few weeks will be starting work in Scandinavia for a couple of years. I have negotiated contracts at very good rates net of local taxes, which will be kept in local currencies in various Scandinavian banks. So make sure you piggies keep working/paying the bills and apply that KY jelly to take what is coming easier. See you in the 2013/14 Tax Year.
  8. I posted in the Anecdotes section that I will be closing down my one-man Limited company and moving abroad for a few years. For the past few years I have sacrificed salary/dividends to leave the money in the company account and minimise my contribution to the wasteful governments & society - instead I lived off my house deposit savings ... well it was making near to ZERO in the building societies. So over the next few years my net salary will be kept in Scandinavian banks. I believe that once the company is closed down through the auditors, I can sleep easier as the accounts are accepte
  9. I work for international company who are planning to fill the position with one of their nationals on an expat deal. I'm off to a couple of Scandinavian countries. I will have audited accounts to close the company , I don't play the system plus have a strong accountant if HMRC come calling - so not losing too much sleep over this. If I tried to pay zero tax by being non-resident I think I would have more problems. I have made the decision to be proactive and reduce the amount of tax I pay, plus protect myself and earn/bank some Kronas for a few years. I could stay here and keep complaining
  10. I'm a well paid day rate contractor and director of my own one man band limited company. My little bit of action against the last years of the Champaign Socialists and ineffective ConLibs was to not pay myself a salary/dividend, but instead live off my house deposit savings (which were getting NIL interest anyway). So the state was only getting Corporation Tax (? approx. £50k) & VAT (? approx. £45k) from me. In the next month I will be making the jump into Europe, although not losing my UK residency. Plus closing my UK company down. So I will pay local taxes and and I could have a tax
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