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  1. Seems ridiculous that you had to attend for that.
  2. Whoops. Thanks Mr Shed. Probably didn't make myself clear. The paramedic wants to move out - she doesn't it. Can he just give a months notice and leave her to pick up the pieces and have to find all the rent - or is does he have to see out the rest of the contract till the year's up? I believe ending joint tenancies can be tricky. I've looked up on Shelter and even there it's not clear. Thanks
  3. My friend has an assured shorthold tenancy contract for a year. It's just gone past the 6 month point. Am I right that they can now give a months notice? The problem is she's on the contract with a paramedic and he now says he's buying a shared ownership place and will leave when that comes up - within the next few months probably leaving my friend in the lurch. Can he just give a months notice and leave my friend holding the baby as it were? What are the options. Thanks in advance.
  4. Toasted bacon sarnie and coffee in my local greasy spoon was £2.10 now £2.30.
  5. Thanks for the replies. I'll have to check the lease. What's most annoying is she's been there 13 years, always paid on time and never given any hassle. The place really is a dump (in West Hampstead, London for your info), no central heating, hot water and electricity all done on meters. It's the sort of place that will get hammered by the Council. The landlord is obviously pissed off that he's finally been rumbled for renting out a shithole and tenants are now leaving him just as he's going to have to get the builders in. She left the room perfectly tidy and clean and all the sad git can do is go on about what happened to the mouldy curtains. He couldn't even look her in the eye apparently. I wish I'd been there because I would have given him a right mouthful. I'm trying to get my friend to fight this but she's stressed out and I reckon she may well just prefer to walk away.
  6. But her room has been relet to the guy from upstairs. Is she responsible for his room being vacant? What if his room gets let immediately. No shortfall in rent then. Of course, the way around for the landlord is simply not move the guy until the 4 weeks rent my friend has paid has expired but the guy wants to move in now. The landlord won't meet halfway. I told my friend to be awkward and not allow him to move in.................but she's a decent type.
  7. My friend lives in a HMO. The landlord has been hit with these new regulations and has to do alot of work. Good, it's a shit hole. My friend has been there 13 years and now felt it was time to move on. There would be alot of disruption. She found a new place to live. Didn't give any notice and lost 4 weeks deposit. She also lost 4 weeks money she had paid for rent. Fair enough I guess. However, another person in the house told the landlord that he was moving out. Ha ha bloody funny. However, we then found out that this person was now moving into my friends old room (and was going to do some decorating work to the whole house too). My friend therefore asked for some rent back from the landlord. He said no, saying that the room had simply transferred, ie, her old room would now be the vacant room from the other person who was moving into her old room. He also said strictly speaking he could hold her to 6 months rent if he wanted to. Is this right. Is there anyway my friend can get some money back from him. To add insult to injury the landlord asks where the curtains were. She had been there 13 years, they had fallen apart from mould. What a complete t*at.
  8. A friend of mine has just signed a 12 month contract with a 6 month break. She signed with a friend and are due to move in this week. Unfortunately, they've had a massive row about bills, council tax, etc. They've both signed the lease. Is there any way out of the contract. I told her I think as she's signed then they've got to stay for the 6 months.
  9. I'm a novice at this and despite vowing not to dabble having made some money the first time round I've carried on using some of my savings in the stock market. Anyway I bought some shares in a company called African Copper (ACU) and despite not doing much for a while and even dropping at times I stayed patient and they're now rising.
  10. I've just had a glance at the regulations. It looks strict. For example, unless you're a qualified electrician you'll only be allowed to do the most basic electrical work. All adds to the overheads.
  11. "True but many private schemes pay out pitful amounts and the 'retirees' are forced into part time work." I'm interested in that. Any facts or figures?
  12. I was out in the car with the missus today and there was a bit of confusion at a roundabout. Nothing serious and no danger whatsoever. The other car involved was driven by a woman who was I would think 70+ years old as was her co-driver. Their reaction was astonishing. Vitriol was literally spitting out of their mouths. Flem flying through the air amid the "f" word and both giving the "v" sign and "w" sign. It was bizarre, like something you'd see in Little Britain. In hindsight it was just so depressing.
  13. I could have sworn I read about all of those in the Sundays. Cracking paper the Mail
  14. Funny thing about POG. I know absolutely nothing about shares but I had some money spare 6/7 months ago and read up a bit and everyone talked very highly of Peter Hambro as a person and how he ran his business so I bought some. They were expensive though. I sold up at £8.15 and it gave me a tidy profit. Probably should have kept some but there you go
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