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  1. what the feck is a community champion? some kind of communist self reinforcing notion of leftie that supports community over individuality? i represent the individualist champion nd i want to ask gordon brown why he promotes evil
  2. being in IT i often associate it related analogies to understand things. These new luxury apartments are in my minds eye the equivelent to distributed computing, where instead of a huge data center, (council estate) they have the prison system distributed into small processing units here and there. They have done this because the centralisation (council estates) cuased overheating. Because the distributed system is harder to see its easier to palm off. There really should be some challenge on the use of Luxury. Luxury indicates an above average use of resources, so rooms should be above aver
  3. just call 0845 305 1991 for more details. im interested, £875k is only 300x my salery. Im sure the bank of Peebles will sort me out.
  4. my favorite accomodation is student halls of residence. I love it. So its not the size that gets me. Its the potential to abuse the sysem, and when god hates you as much as he hates me then living in flats makes it easy for them to get to you. Noise is the number one problem. from your perspective you are probably on the right side of god so hes not trying to deprive you of sleep or make you scared to go outside. i think its the mentality. in flats there is both isolation, but also a shared mindspace. like living on a spaceship. its a confined space where pychology changes. a house offers mor
  5. i dont know much about them but someone i knew said he left his valuables in the communal area of the house he shared because balifs cannot take stuff from a communal area, only from your room if you rent a room in a shared house. Obviously different if you rent or own the whole house, but there you go.
  6. this makes me laugh when they market these luxury apartments they always paint a picture full of nice compliant socially consious people. The reality is that whilst inner city living would be great if everyone was nice, but they arent. All it takes is for one retard to play his music really loud and suddenly 3-5 floors of the entire building are subject to noise pollution. People hanging about in the corridors and giving outside people access to the buildings. Its like it has has always been clear to me is that those places need big strong fit people to defend them, but they only end up with
  7. i would definatly buy, then you can safely stash bodies in the cellar without worrying about the landlords discovering them. ditto for garden deposits.
  8. im looking forward to the end of the post office. ive always hated postmen. They always popped up with the subtitles in my head saying, look, you should be doing that work. Which for the hard of thinking is an insult really as being a postman has to be one of the most retarded jobs on the planet. The only reason its well paid at all is because they handle mail which has a security value etc. What they actually do is exactly what leaflet flyer posters do. easy peasy. Hate them forever!!!
  9. I think Micheal Martin is awesome!!!! He was once a sheetmetal worker!!!!!
  10. http://www.google.com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5jL1OD21iYUmwpU1SV4B1ZzqHP6Aw
  11. the sites lack a central navigation at the top
  12. i would put interest rates up to 15% ban BTL Ban multiple ownership eject all immigrants withdraw from europe invade wales destroy parliament - create a confederate council destroy 50% of all legislation reduce govt by 90% annex the carrabean sell the falkland islands
  13. you dont have a favicon where are all the google ads? seems rents have not fallen at all in general?
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