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  1. Exactly. full of ideas but no solutions, 'fuzzy thinking leftists' will only throw more fuel on the fire and cause riots or destruction.
  2. Why would the banks let a situation get so out of control with the cost of housing ? Could it be the start something more sinister ? Maybe, its the destruction of private home ownership for the average worker. Some say we live in a free market, but this is not true. Banks are bailed out by central banks that print money for nothing. Digitally created out of thin air. With people up to their eyeballs in debt, what do they stand to lose if they hold the deeds and control the money supply ? If you don't think control over housing is not possible, then take a look at Guernsey. Through the Housing Control Law, the Housing Department controls the occupation of the majority of dwellings on the Island. There is no control over the ownership of property in Guernsey. There are two sectors of housing in Guernsey which are known as the "Local Market" Controlled dwellings and "Open Market" dwellings inscribed in the Housing Register. The right to occupy all dwellings on Guernsey apart from those inscribed in Part A of the "Open Market" Housing Register is strictly controlled. The occupants either need to be qualified residents or in possession of a valid housing licence. Whats not to say that couldn't happen on a larger scale in the UK ? After all, it belongs to the Crown and so does the UK. So what would a controlled property market look like then ? How about lowest price available..... £625K for a one bed !! http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-177...=1&tr_t=buy Its a crazy world and you never know if the true reason for this house price bubble is to gain control over housing, along with the control of the money, medicine, food and water supply. Just an idea.
  3. im finding the complete opposite. 2 houses in our street just got into a bidding war as we know one of the people bidding. they both sold above asking price. the last 2 viewings we had, the agent phoned hours before to say they have now accepted an offer. so, we are not seeing any house price crisis at all. if anything, it seems to be getting worse.
  4. I spent 1.8million without viewing the property.......oh It's now run down and no longer rentable...... Ha, ha, ha..... please stop.
  5. 70% ...... laughable to say the least. never in a million years. things always turn out for the best in the end, otherwise, we wouldn't be here today. 70% from peak price would be a good deal at an auction, but its not going to be seen at an estate agents window. for those desperate 1st time buyers, look at auctions and go with what you can afford. this is a big misunderstanding with HPC followers. like fishing, you must know when to strike. the next 3 - 5 years will see some great deals, but for only those in a credit worthy situation.
  6. what excellent news. the more people in negative equity is brilliant. don't feel sorry or happy for them, no hard feelings either way. i'm just glad the banks are making a loss. its brilliant. i think we should all borrow as much as possible, convert the cash into gold coins and tell them to stick it where the sun dont shine. after all, what they gonna do about it when my other half (unmarried) has paid for a house abroad with cash they lent me ? ha ha, see ya later !! need to change my avatar too (up to my eyeballs, and free) EDIT : Thats what i call a run on a bank !!!!
  7. Please correct me if i'm wrong (which in some way i do). But, how can a survey of 1004 people reflect the consumer confidence in the UK ? 1004 people out of roughly, 35-40,000,000 working and consuming people is 0.0028% how on earth can this survey be taken seriously ?
  8. i prefer to save cash, pay a bank employee 'BTL slave' some money to maintain the fully furnished house, free of charge might i add.... AND live cheaper than buying without having to pay some twit of an estate agent a percentage, neither a lawyer, and the stupid government stamp duty.... and also a bank interest for money they don't actually have.... and i have no worries.
  9. depends on what sort of nuts your talking about. there are too many variety of nuts to be compared with. whereas, there can only be one plum, and thats the one buying a 5 bedder in woking !!
  10. whats the rush ? if your moving to another town, then why not rent a 3/4 bed house. it will be cheaper than 1250 a month and you will be able to pay off any existing debts, save the extra needed for a bigger deposit and live a less stressful life. moving to another town is a big change in itself and you may not like the change or where you move too, what happens then ? you've got 200K hanging round your neck and the rent won't cover the mortgage.
  11. tell the builder that due to the present financial knock on effect of the credit crunch, you are unable to go through with the deal unless they knock down the price or pay the 10K towards the deposit.
  12. yes, excellent post and pretty much spot on. i think we could see a balance of deflation and inflation. inflation of true assets and a deflation of liabilities. for example, housing could deflate as the cost of running the property inflates i.e gas, electric, council tax, cost of borrowing. same as motoring. petrol becomes more expensive, mid-big size cars lose value. whereas small economical cars hold value. who knows hey ? one thing for sure though, the FED can't keep cutting rates to hold back the tide thats coming.
  13. Conclusion ? It takes more dollars to buy the same amount of value(whatever that is ?) in the company. The Zimbabwe stock market is the best performing stock market, its shot right up. Shame that the currency is going in the opposite direction.
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