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  1. I cannot be ars3d with this anymore. The sad little hard core of posters who winge about being priced out of the market will always be poor; they lack motivation and imagination and so are only suited to crap jobs. Tough titty.
  2. WTF are you going on about now? Another demented soul.
  3. What is this? A conspiracy to shut out alternative points of view by the accusation of TROLL? I always stood up to bullies at school. You and some of your henchmen come across as forum bullies. (Ps - not sure what a possesive is!)
  4. Give it a rest Bloo Loo! You're starting to look ridiculous now.
  5. What's this obsession with trolls? I find your attitude and superiority complex irritating to the extreme. You push for a reaction and try to pick a fight. Some might consider that you behave like a jealous child.
  6. It's not in my nature to gloat. I don't see myself as particularly wealthy and have no particular desire to hang on to it, or increase it's value. I intend to hand it over to my kids, and hopefully, they can go through life less neurotic than me. I will sell up in the next 3 years, buy a small place and give each kiddly a big handout. They're lucky and I'm soft. So be it. I'm then going to spend 6 months each year abroad. So long as I've got enough to rent a place and buy local food and drink what more could one want? I don't want unhealthy attachments anymore.
  7. Why do you keep bringing this up? I was referring to his perceived fortune by others; the reality is he owes the bank a fortune.
  8. Ouch - not nice. (You forgot a question mark, incidently)
  9. I have to admit that I left Uni with no debt. But, I also got very little support, apart from the tuition fees paid. I worked 72 hour weeks every summer holidays , non stop for 13 weeks. Did this for 4 summers. The money I saved just about kept me going over the next year. It was hard manual labour. But, I've paid for my kids fees and accomodation (and still paying), so had a double whammy! Paid for min and paid for my kids.
  10. 70% of communication is 'non-verbal', so easy to miss-understand I guess, on any forum. I didn't want to make the assumption that you were a 20 something, but possibly gave that impression.
  11. I refuse to wear a red one. Made a white one but got a lot of derogatory remarks. Considered some sort of anti-christ We should remember everyone killed, not just those in the Forces. (All war is crap and a waste of resources IMO - it's about time we moved up the evolutionary tree a bit and made it globally illegal)
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