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  1. Actually "rolling on the floor laughing". Classic stuff
  2. The £1,750 is money you have to find upfront. On top of your legal fees and deposit.
  3. Thats not a Doctor, that's a legalised drug dealer. ;-) My profession just got a slagging off in the previous posts, so this is the start of the fight back.
  4. Could not agree more about Craigavon. Ridiculous prices! Hope you are right about the drops as I want to buy near there.
  5. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/business/8363656.stm Could be the start of interest rate rises if it continues.
  6. NI House price boom in a nutshell. I think this post should be plastered on billboards across the country. Edit to add - 7 could be changed a little to include a choice between the flats and building another McMansion
  7. I agree that most people will be earning less than £22k, but that is what averages do. If you earn over this figure you are probably in the top 30-35% of earners. That means that 60-65% of people earn less than that. http://www.kevinharrington.com/2009/07/what-are-average-earnings-in-the-uk/ These figures are for UK, so take off 10-15% to get a feel for NI.
  8. Can someone share the secret please. Where is this mysterious button.
  9. Just to be clear, I don't necessarily agree with this, all I am pointing out is that these are the factors any self respecting politician would be looking at when protecting their own interests.
  10. I agree that there are a lot of commuters, however If you took a sizeable proportion of the civil service jobs from Belfast then the businesses in Belfast that rely on the day to day trade from these people would also suffer. This would then cascade down to other businesses. It is not just about the people who work for the civil service. Obviously not all the 24% would agree that moving a lot of useless bureaucrats/dedicated public servants* would be a bad thing. *delete as appropriate
  11. Woodzer, my quote was not all about the number of people, it also referred to the flavour of the people (comment mean't to be funny, not sectarian in any way). The population of Stroke City do not share Mr Wilson views as much as the people of Belfast do. However going back to your statistics. OK so 34% of the population live in or around Belfast, that means that he can upset 34% of the population by moving the jobs, whilst delighting a lessor proportion by moving the jobs to Craigavon etc where population is less dense. Why would a sitting politician want to upset the applecart in that wa
  12. Are you steve66 in disguise? You are clearly deluded if you think the crash is over in NI.
  13. Leftofcentre is not buying an average house, so that fact should not come into it. Personally I think that £140k is a good not great price. Questions to ask yourself, Can you afford the mortgage at the longest term fixed rate you can find? Will you be happy there for 10 years? Mortgage at 5% for £140k is £818 per month, If the price drops 15% to £119k monthly mortgage would be £696. Is it worth taking the risk for £120 per month If the answer to these questions is yes then go for it!
  14. Because the majority of his voters don't live in the west of Ireland
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