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    Approaching 30, and just bought a house. Got 30% off so hopefully I'm covered for the falls!
  1. I bought in December last year. Hand forced so to speak by a missus fed up of waiting, a baby (born two weeks ago), and the right house coming up, otherwise I think I would still have waited. [*]Asking Price - Had been on the market for a year and a half, initially for £205,000, falling to £195,000 [*]Your offer - Needed Mortgage [*]Your position - Was renting on a running contract so only a month notice required [*]Your offer - Initially £140,000, then £145,000. We then left it for six months and went back with £152,500 [*]Accepted eventually as they needed to move, did move assuming th
  2. Merry Christmas one and all, I hope you all have a great 2013 and beyond
  3. I work for a veterinary supplier, we've got inflation in our industry at 4.4%
  4. I just bought a house. I've been sat waiting for six years, prices have come down, I got married and my Mrs is pregnant. The village we rent in is nice, good school etc. and a house came up for £210,000. It sat there for a few months and they dropped to £195,000. We looked around, offered £150,000. They said no, they want £175,000. Anyway, six months, a collapsed sale, council tax bill kicking in (they moved out into a smaller place) and winter looming, we sealed the deal at £152500. We put £40k down so I'm borrowing 3.5x my wage and we've got Manchester Building society's fixed 25 year
  5. Can't tell you much about Hayfield, but it's very close to New Mills, where the Swizzels Matlow factory is. Not sure if you can smell it in Hayfield, but the smell in New Mills when they are making sweets is AMAZING. The whole place smells of refreshers or those hard powdery lollies they do.
  6. I viewed a house on for 209,000 and offered 160,000. They came back with no. Then, a week later, they said, how about £180,000. Two days after that £170,000. After that, we went for another walk around and discovered the neighbour is building a massive garage blocking the views from the garden (house has been empty for two years so they must have taken the opportunity to pass planning) so we withdrew the offer in the end. I'm almost certain they would have come down to £160,000 Don't know if that's any help or not!
  7. Is it just me who suspects the government may have encouraged this panic buying in an effort to boost GDP and stave off official recession? Does the sale of fuel count towards GDP (a tad ignorant of this, sorry)? I'm not one for lizard men conspiracies by the way, just a thought and I wondered if it was possible or if anyone else had thought similar?
  8. We stuck an offer in on a house a month back - on originally for 289,000, currently 229,000 'reduced for quick sale'. We offered £180,000 and got told they were looking for 210,00. I told the EA that they might well be, but the property has been on the market for 4 years and if they expect to sell it and are keen for 'a quick sale' then they may be advised to consider our offer more seriously. Anyway, last week the house appears with 'under offer' next to it on RM. Futher digging reveals that the offer is our offer, which they refused, and was 30k off what they want. I'd say they're tryi
  9. You get on the spot fines for illegal irrigation, although you only normally get caught in city centres. Not had any trouble on the walk back to the village.
  10. http://www.google.com/trends?q=ferarri&ctab=0&geo=all&date=all&sort=0 Increasingly less...
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