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  1. ts86net

    Co-Op Bank Down-Graded-- merged threads

    Wow - looks like overly delayed Google News stream (or other news channels reported it late). Thanks.
  2. ts86net

    Co-Op Bank Down-Graded-- merged threads

    Chief Exec just resigned
  3. ts86net

    Deflation Is Coming

    Wait till you see Mark Carney's official arrival. QE will be all happening again, big style.
  4. Anything I may or may not receive (I have no idea about my parents' will(s)), will go to charity. I'm really not interested in handouts at all.
  5. According to the Leasehold Advisory Service (http://www.lease-advice.org/), the service charges have to be reasonable and can be challenged if they're not. Is this a potential risk reducer to service charges getting hiked later?
  6. ts86net

    New Car Deflation

    Spot on - have just noticed this too last weekend helping a friend decide on his next car. Fiat Panda's being the example and found on Autotrader. Also, found the insurance to be a small amount cheaper on the newer models.
  7. What is your 'electoral roll' status? Could you buy the house for cash and then remortgage? My assumption is the lender can then clearly see you own something for the loan's collateral.
  8. In December 2005 7 students signed a joint tennacy agreement for a 7 bedroom house. This was for acommodation to start from July 2006 for 12 months. This contract was a draft, and not final, but let's disregard this for the purposes of the claim (it was a verbal comment, nothing on the 'contract' stated draft). Assume a final contract was signed. A few months later 2 people dropped out of the group for reasons beyond anyone's (the other 5 people) control. We (remaining 5 students) are no longer in contact with them. One of them had to leave the country to continue studies and the other lives somewhere else and don't walk to them anymore. We informed the landlord of our issue in May 2006. We told him (telephone and in person, not writing) that we will advertise for 2 people to come in and replace those other two. We did advertise. The landlord himself then later found a new group of 7 to "take over" the whole tenancy/house. This was fine by us. We signed a simple letter to state that our tenancy was over. Nothing on this last piece of paper talked about the deposit. The landlord was always saying in person that we'll talk about it (the deposit), but nothing came of it. The final conversation came to him simply refusing to return any/all of the deposit because "we're getting smart". We all understand that we have cost the landlord to find other tenants. However, this does not quantify to £1750 (7x £250). We expect something back. We had not even moved in to the house to begin with, so there is no cost there for damage to property etc. Do we have a case in a small claims court? If so, any advice on how to proceed with wording of the case? Do you want a copy of the contract? Some other background: The house does not comply with HMO regulations. The tenancy was done such that there was a joint one with 6 people and then a single individual contract. We do have the receipts for all deposits etc. Shall we use the HMO in the small claims case? It may look badly on the landlord if the jugde hears about it? We will be writing a special delivery letter to the landlord next week to ask, in writing, one last time. Then we do want to proceed with the small claims court. Please advice.
  9. ts86net

    Aberdeen Hot!

    And what about other parts in the county (Aberdeenshire) ?? Bodham is having new power plant activities. Huge influx of eastern european workers, who can't buy a house, so have to rent. Once they've built up their histories here, banks will lend them money, so they will start buying for their families etc. in a couple of years or so.

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