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  1. We had our house valued for sale before xmas and it is going on next week. The agent said sales are up and prices have recovered bar 5% He fully expects it to be short lived as several potential sellers changed their minds at the end of last year when interest rates fell and they weren't forced to sell He says we will either sell quickly now as such a shortage or forget it! He thinks after the election it will be back to serious drops. This was generally the view of the 3 agents we had round I am in the SE Will keep you posted as this is the first time I have sold in a recession
  2. Could house prices recover their former levels temporarily in order to make home owners feel 'rich' again in time for the election and then fall off the scale? Low interest rates and all this recovery talk are having the desired effect in Brighton and houses are selling again although prices I'm not sure about.
  3. Agree about Brighton.The street I live in peaked in spring 07 at 305k.Last winter you could get one for 225-240.Now back on at 300-335 and selling!NIGHTMARE
  4. Hi Can anyone say roughly how long they think this mini boom will last?It is defintiely happening where I live in the SE because mortgages seem to be easier to get now and the low interest rates ease the fear a bit.
  5. I don't get the brighton thing at all but I notice that although prices did fall there last year in some areas in general they are back to silly and rising although not sure what prices are being achieved.
  6. Is it possible that prices will rise in a silly fashion between now and the next general election while prices rise and rates are low that famous feelgood factor will re ignite and Brown will get what he wants.Then once in the door he will let the inevitable occur?Prices were falling nicely where I live in the South east and were about 20% down from peak at christmas but in the last few months they are back to close on those peak prices and what I can't believe is they are selling too. :angry:
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