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  1. I have recently purchased a property in Old Town but did search extensively in the SN25 area. Driving from Oakhurst you will experience heavy travel along Thamesdown Drive which has many traffic lights!! although you could go up Lady Lane at the back to avoid this. Since the new traffic layout getting onto the A419 this has become easier. The opinion I had of Oakhurst is the number of properties cramed into such a small area - there are cars everywhere on curbs, grass verges etc.. on bin day it is chaos!! the area is smart - I use to run around there every night and kids seemed nice (no abuse), no graffiti, generally the cars seem quite nice and modern a very middle class area. The problems you need to consider is prices of property in the area will be kept low due to the continuation to build new houses. Only a problem if you see yourself moving in the near future. If you look at growth since 2000 in SN25 it has shown growth at a rate much lower than the national average and average of other areas of swindon. this is why you can buy that property at asking price £179,000 I would go with Old Town any day!! close to town, ideal for your wife who does not drive, quality built Victorian house with real brick walls!!! great schools, v close to M4 and countryside. Im looking forward to getting into my new home which is a Circa 1890 Victorian property end terrace. I researched for 3 years and rented in different areas to get the feel for places - maybe you should rent for six months in SN25 and see how it goes - loads of property to rent in the area. its the only way you can get a true idea of what you want!! everybody needs are different and are opinons are reflective to our tastes!! good luck ms
  2. to be honest I was hoping on a quick "yes" but depends if glass if half full/empty!!
  3. I made a few offers on a property last week with the final one going in on friday - up until then all replies came back quickly but the last one I have still not heard anything!? Is it up to me to chase or do I just sit and wait - no news good news etc?
  4. Schools are quite good around there - depends age of kids? The lawn (primary) has quite a good repuation and the school down in Old Walcott (secondary) is also quite good.
  5. The money is in savings with my parents - And obviously they want to help me out - which I am very grateful for!! The vender has just been let down by a potential buyer pulling out so ithe property has recently come back onto the market. I am also a first time buyer in rental accommodation on a periodic arrangement which only needs one months notice. This all has to help?
  6. HI All I have found a house I am keen to move into and am in a lucky position where my parents are going to lend me the money to buy. Obviously I am not needing a mortgage so would like some advice on what I need to do as a cash buyer? Things like survey etc....... many thanks MS
  7. HI All I have found a house I am keen to move into and am in a lucky position where my parents are going to lend me the money to buy. Obviously I am not needing a mortgage so would like some advice on what I need to do as a cash buyer? Things like survey etc....... many thanks MS
  8. I have just started looking myself again and I agree with most of the above comments. It depends what style of housing you require - If you like new homes then SN25 would be a better option but if you require older more traditional style house then Old Town has a lot to offer. For £250,000 then Avenue road would be your best option - sought after but only three bedrooms and mostly road parking (but very good school on same road). If you can stretch to £300,00 then Goddard avenue is very nice (terraced) Actually off Marlborough Road - Scotby Avenue etc are very nice £250 - 300K (3 bed semi) hope this helps
  9. I would love to help with some more info but living in Swindon for twenty years means I know bugger all!!! http://www.abbeymeads.swindon.sch.uk/contact/ I would say the top end of Thamesdown drive was Abbey Meads - This guy was obviously ripped off by the boom prices for a rabit hutch in North Swindon
  10. If you thought Okus was over developed and overlooked then keep away from north Swindon!!!! The only area which you get a little bit of room is the top end by David Lloyd (Abbey Meeds) but get used to living next door to Chav city and the constant sound of police cars and vans etc - too close and joined to Pen Hill!!! and it is bad I have a friend who lived there - he had a BBQ on a saturday night and it was like a war zone!!! There is also the electricity pilons to cope with!! The other areas look ok at the moment but heavly overlooked and cramed in - no joined garages and very small gardens - no parking!! Also they are full of young families - imagine what it would be like in ten years when all these kids are teenagers!! Sorry to be negative but I do not like these new housing estates they are put together to maximise profits for building companies and not developing nice areas to live. The older houses in town are much better built and established. The primary school in Old Town is great - could try the Lawn area?
  11. I have been looking around Okus for the last couple of years but am not that keen to be honest. The plots are very small and you get the feeling of being a goldfish when driving in with all the windows lookign at you. There is a small amount of social housing as you go in and I am sure there will be more. All the gardens are looked over and very small. The parking is a nightmare and garages too small to fit cars!! I think £150 is expensive in the area for a small house with two small bedrooms and a study!! and a garage ina block which you have to pay a maintenance company to look after!! Is there anywhere to keep the wheely bins? They have just cramed as many houses in as posible in the area!!! If you like old town save up and move to Avenue Road - the only nice area in the town!!!!! Hope this helps!! ms
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