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    Keep fit.<br /><br /> Stella Artois.<br /><br /> Financial independence.<br /><br /> Buying a bigger house than I have just sold for less money.<br /><br /> Pulling the legs of any one who will take the bait.<br /><br />Crystal Palace (now you can take the piss out of me)
  1. The alternate view is that we are heading into deflation (se AMP in the Telegrph) http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/financialcrisis/8983067/Eurozone-credit-crunch-fears-on-M3-money-contraction.html More QE please buy more gilts lower yields further! Most ,especially money week , say dont touch gilts. Just tink how high gilts could go when everyone thinks you should buy them, just like with gold. The central banks will always be behind the curve never enough QE to cause inflation. Remeber these people in charge are idiots, if there were smart we would not be in this mess. Gold has been
  2. Hi I went to leave a deposit and credit check fee for a house. Overnight have got cold feet, long storey! Does any one know where I stand on the matter? I can't see how they can withold the credit check fee but the rest is "admin" Not a large amount £300 in total but would like it back. Wadisgod just phoned then no problem they will return the deposit
  3. I have been reading but not posting much latley! If inflation does take off which is highly unlikley what do you think will happen to interest rates? Dont touch property, the blue touch paper has only just been lit!!!!
  4. Sorry but I think the new look is awful! Much harder to reADI HOPE IT DIDN'T COST MUCH
  5. I wondered where they went ! Nearly went back to the garage to complain!
  6. Try this one certainly food for thought! This bear growls on Posted by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard on 23 Apr 2008 at 18:15 Tags: Interest rates, Bank of England, Ben Bernanke, Global Economy No bear wants to be a perma-pessimist, ever waiting for the sky to fall. The Bank of England in the city of London. Economic gloom: will blue skies return to the Bank of England? So, sunk in a deep armchair with an optimistic bottle of Rioja (Baron De Ley Reserva), I have tried to tot up reasons why the great credit smash-up of 2007-2008 may now be safely over, heralding sunlit uplands once again. 1) B
  7. He has been right so far! It may be that you do not agree with him, i don't like to read articles i disagree with but Ambrose has hit the nail on the head each time. Go back and read some of his old articles.
  8. Thats funny I have viewed a few rental properties through them. On a couple of occasions a guy from the sales dept showed us round!
  9. I feel like a guy with a sandwich board shouting the end is nigh (which it is!! ) The oil price has collapsed and could go lower. Gold is falling despite the recent turmoil? Has the inflation argument died a death?The jury is still out but I would buy even more Gilts if I had the cash available.
  10. I just lifted this from the Telegraph anyone for Gilts? Telegraph.co.uk > Telegraph Blogs > Business > Economic Pulse > Edmund Conway Edmund Conway Edmund Conway is Economics Editor at The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Telegraph and telegraph.co.uk. He has written about economics for seven years. Print this page RSS Feeds Financial crisis: Deflation is now public enemy number one Posted By: Edmund Conway at Oct 2, 2008 at 11:36:48 [General] Posted in: Business , Economic Pulse Tags: Regardless of whether politicians on both sides of the Atlantic orga
  11. (Hurrah for the last time !) Lets hope its not "Hurrah" for the last time Keep the good news comming!
  12. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/economi...says-Gieve.html The risks persist!
  13. For sure. I'll even offer a round of virtual drinks if cpi turns -ve any time over the next 3 years . But the virtual drinks are on you if it goes above 9% over the same time period (gives us both about equal distance from todays number). Much prefer the real variety!
  14. Money supply (M4) is still increasing in double digits yoy; Not sure how old these figures are as I can not download your post ( I have a virus ). Have you read this article? I posted it some time back? http://www.telegraph.co.uk/money/main.jhtm.../cnmoney111.xml If it does not work go back a few posts. Gold keeps falling as does oil
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